Zeiss Otus 28mm f14 Camera Lenses

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Lens Mount: Canon EF and Nikon F

Focal Length: 28mm

Maximum Aperture: f/1.4

Minimum Aperture: f/16

The angle of View: 75 Degree

Minimum focusing distance: 30cm

Magnification: 0.16x

Filter Ring Diameter: 95mm

Weight: 1.39 Kg

Carl Zeiss another company which is well-known due to its camera lenses has recently added Carl Zeiss Otus 28mm F1.4 in Australia for Canon EF and Nikon F. This new lens will help diversify the focal range for the Otus family, which is already 55 mm and 85 mm. This wide-angle lens is designed specifically for landscape and architectural photography. Zeiss said that with this lens, the edge of the image is still very sharp despite the large aperture, besides the 1.4 aperture will be extremely useful in low light situations.

Price and Availability

This wide-angle lens is ideal for professional photography with its 35mm DSLR camera. Zeiss Otus has an image performance that so far has only been seen from the medium format system. In other words, a lens for those who do not accept any compromise on image quality. This camera lens is quite expensive but still is worthy to have such an amazing lens. Zeiss Otus 28mm F14 lens price in Australia is round about $6000 AUD. We have enlisted in various stores from where you can purchase this most beautiful lens.

Well talking about the performance, it comes with unique features and specifications which matched the new standards between wide-angle focal lengths. You can turn your photos into a completely new dimension by capturing the smallest details of your subject.  ZEISS Otus 1.4 / 28 shows the real quality and appearance of a lens that can be used professionally. Whether you are capturing landscapes images, architecture images in the daylight or dark nights, this lens will offer you the high resolution and exceptional specifications whatever the lighting situation is.

Otus 28mm F14 is purely and simply the best wide-angle lens in the world. The optical correction of Otus 1.4 / 28 prevents practically any aberration that can be thought of. Talking about the weight of this lens it weighs 1.39 kilograms and has a magnification of 0.16x with the minimum focusing distance of 30cm. Nonetheless, this lens by Zeiss is one of the best lenses to use with Canon and Nikon camera.