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In Australia, people often use to do everything by bike. Groceries, children, and pets sometimes all of these goes along for a ride! Yepp Australia therefore, develops a beautiful collection of seats, windshields, bicycle baskets and more. Because of the contemporary design everyone will recognize a Yepp bicycle seat right away. The new, innovative Yepp collection has also been awarded the coveted Red Dot Design award, which guaranteed to be beautiful and smart seats!

Yepp is one of Dutch brand that is specialized in the safe and comfortable transport of children. Thanks to more than 80 years of experience in this field, Yepp guarantees high-quality products with ultra-durability.

Back In 2009, the Yepp Australia took a different path by expanding its range with bicycle accessories such as bicycle bells, bicycle carts, and bicycle baskets. The brand is characterized by the contemporary design of the products in modern colours.

Yepp- Brand Overview

Yepp is a brand of GMG (Gebroeders Melkert Gouda) that has more than 80 years of experience in the safe and comfortable transport of children, Pets, and Grocery. Since its existence in 1934, GMG Brand developed more than 5 million products (Front and rear seats) with many variations and style. Since July 2016, GMG has been part of the Thule Group and Thule further expanded the Yepp products.

In 2009 GMG took a new road for the bicycle seats, with the introduction of Yepp. The terms 'innovative' and 'contemporary' are reflected in the materials and design. The bicycle seats of this brand are absolute toppers: you pay a little more, but you get a lot in return. At our online store, you will find the Yepp Mini, the Yepp Maxi and the Yepp Junior. The Yepp Nexxt Mini and the Yepp Nexxt Maxi are also available at Paylessdeal.

Front seats

The 'classic' Yepp Mini is a high-quality bicycle seat. The quality is reflected in, among other things, the water-repellent, very soft material, the 5-point belt with an extra child-resistant closure and the super-soft shoulder straps. Another plus point of the Yepp Mini is that the seat is equipped with an integrated combination lock for extra protection against theft. The big advantage of the Yepp Nexxt Mini is that the seat is nice and lightweight. Besides, the Yepp Nexxt has a soft and shock-absorbing seat. All Yepp seats are easy to attach to the stem.

Rear seats

The Maxi is the growth model for the toddler who slowly grows out of the Mini, with the same characteristics when it comes to safety, comfort and quality. You place the 'classic' Maxi on the luggage carrier or attach it to the seat post. The Nexxt Maxi can only be attached to the luggage carrier, but this is very easy. With the Nexxt Maxi, you no longer need a separate mounting system! You can also find the Yepp Junior in our store. This rear seat is intended for children who can already do a great job themselves, but still occasionally sit on the back of your bike. The Junior combines sleek design with a comfortable, soft seat. The hip belt and the robust folding footrests make the Junior safe and super cool.

Children's bicycle helmets

The Yepp children's bicycle helmets are also at the top in every respect. The bicycle helmets are meticulously finished, made of high-quality material and equipped with smart applications. For example, think of straps with a magnetic closure. The round fit also makes the child's bicycle helmet excellent for skating or (electric) stepping. The easily removable sun and rain cover and the ultra-soft padding on the inside of the helmet offer that extra comfort. Also, the Yepp children's helmets look incredibly fun. Artistic elements of the work of real artists form the basis of this. The Yepp children's helmets are therefore particularly safe and cool at the same time.

Accessories for with the bicycle seats

See also the various cool and practical accessories from Yepp that belong to the bicycle seats, such as a windshield, rain cover or sleeping roll! You will also find in the collection of Yepp adapters that make it possible to attach rear seats to all kinds of luggage carriers. Special adapters are also available in the Yepp assortment for deviating handlebars.

Yepp Bicycle Baskets and Child Seats

The Dutch brand Yepp is known for its products with a contemporary design. Yepp products are of good quality and meet different needs. From transporting children to transporting your things, Yepp has a suitable solution. The brand has expanded in recent years by focusing in part on the sale of bicycle accessories such as bicycle bells, bicycle baskets and bicycle trailers. The Yepp range consists of products in various designs, designs and modern colours.

Buy Yepp Products Online

Looking for a Yepp bicycle seat? Yepp Australia offers the best bicycle seats. When you choose to buy Yepp Products online, you choose products with great built quality and performance. Of course, both the front seats and rear seats of Yepp Australia meet all safety requirements, which is handy if you plan to go on a bike ride with your son or daughter.

By using innovative materials and a contemporary design you can assure yourself of years of experience of manufacturing quality products. With the handy easy-fit attachment, it is very easy to attach the child seats to your bike. So mount a Yepp bicycle seat on your bicycle, and enjoy a pleasant cycling trip with your child.

Visit and discover Yepp front seats, rear seats, Mini, Maxi, Junior, Bobike, Polisport, and all other accessories at our online store and Buy Yepp Products online at affordable price.