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XVIVE Australia has officially entered the electronics market since 2012. It was then that she presented the first models of effects pedals to the guitarists. Since then, the company has been successfully and actively developing, and all thanks to a well-selected team of specialists who are intimately interconnected with the musical world and the world of electronic devices for musical instruments such as electric and bass guitars.

Price and Availability 

This company is still quite young, but despite this, many fans of specific and pleasant guitar effects have already heard of it. Thanks to the company's highly focused activities, it produces guitar effects pedals and several other accessories of exceptionally high quality and relatively low cost. Mass production of the same type of product makes it possible to reduce its value to the lowest reasonable prices and at the same time not to lose quality. Xvive price inAustralia ranges from 50 to 350 AUD.


One of the most famous designers at XVIVE is Howard Davis. He is one of the few who, since the mid-70s of the last century, began to create their first effects pedals for guitars. At one time, he managed to work at Electro-Harmonix and also created projects for Pigtronix.

Also, the company employs several other equally successful designers and constructors who came to XVIVE with vast experience and new ideas for improving the manufactured devices.

By the way, all the company's products are designed exclusively in the United States, and only then they are put into production in China. All stages of the production process are strictly controlled by the company's management, which makes it possible to guarantee the high quality of the products.

One of the most attractive ingredients in this brand's products is the choice. Musicians of different levels note this. They also praise the usability of Xvive products. In any case, if you choose a product of this particular brand, you will not go wrong.

With a staff of several talented designers, engineers and musicians, the company has managed to create high-quality models of guitar lotions in a reasonably short time and gain worldwide popularity.

The close interaction of XVIVE with existing musicians-guitarists, as well as the presence of our musicians on the staff, makes it possible to study their needs as accurately as possible and produce models of lotions that are in high demand.

Quite often, to develop the external design of the products, Xvive company invites professional guitarists for cooperation. One such guitarist is Thomas Blah, who has designed several guitar gadgets such as O2 SWEET LEO and T2 DYNAROCK. Today, just like when XVIVE was founded, its core business is the manufacture of digital and analogue pedals for guitars.

Besides, the company manufactures power supplies for these pedals, cables and cases.  Recently, the production of individual guitar tuners that are installed on the neck has been established. Particularly noteworthy are the cases that are intended for creating a pedalboard, as well as for storing and transporting the pedals themselves.