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Do you like new technologies and innovation? Discover the different XtremeMac products that are known for its superb and innovative technology! XTREMEMAC Australia is a brand offering High-tech accessories, whose main assets are quality and design. These are innovative products, suitable for Apple devices, and with a European design.

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Distributor of electronic products and connected objects for the general public announces the launch of the new “White Line” range of the XtremeMac brand, manufacturer of accessories for Apple and Android devices.

Brand Overview

Founded in 2001, XtremeMac made a name for itself by marketing the first iPod case. Today, it is an internationally recognised brand and offers a whole range of accessories for Mac and Android products such as peripherals (keyboards, mice, stands, keypads), recharges (cables, chargers, power bank) and protections (shells, cases, screen protectors for smartphones, tablets and PC).

XtremeMac has designed nearly a hundred products since its launch, always thought to bring unique user experience and design in line with today's products. The accessories with a sober, neat and elegant design are a continuation of the clean lines of Apple products. Moreover, these products for iPhone and MacBook perfectly meet Apple's performance requirements.

IPU-PBM: Ultrafast power bank charge

This external battery is available in two colours (space grey and silver). Its 20,100 mAh capacity allows the new MacBook Pro 13 'to be fully charged, as well as any other device with a USB-A or USB-C port. Its USB-PD function offers ultra-fast charging, up to 50% of its iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X in 30 minutes.

IPU-UCD-13: Support and ultra-fast wireless charging station

This station has Qi technology for ultra-fast charging of your smartphone. The power delivered is 2.1 amp / 10 w. The detachable charging base of its aluminium support via a magnet also makes it possible to position the device flat like a pad.

IPU-WCM-13 - mouse pad with induction charge

All in one accessory, this mouse pad incorporates Qi wireless charging to recharge your smartphone including the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X while surfing on your computer. Perfect travel companion, it fits very comfortably in its bag thanks to its foldable function, which allows it to be used flat or inclined.

XCL-UCC2-13: Magnetic Type C Cable for MacBook

The braided nylon charging cable has excellent robustness and a length of 2 meters ideal for MacBook 12 'and Pro 13-inches, and any other device using a USB-C connector. It offers ultra-fast charging with USB 3.1. Its magnetic connector allows identical use to the Magsafe of previous MacBook’s.

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XtremeMac is an accessory brand thought by Apple fans, for Apple fans: the Apple community has recognised the quality of the products for years. XtremeMac offers premium products with a European design that respond to all aspects of apple devices with connection, protection, power and reproduction accessories. Buy XtremeMac Products Online at affordable and comprehensive price tag only at our online store.