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Xelerooffers exceptionality, luxury, comfort, stability, and extreme performance. Xelero Australia manufactures the best quality soles that are designed for stability, performance, and long-lasting durability. Under the front foot, the Gel pads offer the additional cushioning while the removable two-layer system delivers the best fitting.

Xelero brand origins from Switzerland is a famous and leading footwear brand offering comfort and stability. The objective and the inspiration of the brand was to help people walk and run smoother with more stability, motion control, dynamics, and comfort.

Swiss Technology

A perfect source of optimal performance and comfort the Xelero products are known for its superb functionalities and trendy fashion. Swiss Technology includes the Propulsion elements for stability, control, and motion. In contrast, control plates increase the stability and reduce the pressure, and the midsole with gel pads under the foot and heel is to absorb the shocks.

The brand uses Swiss technology for optimal performance, stability, motion, and durability. Midsole construction, right at the mid of foot it cradles and increases the stability while the control plates offer the additional control during heel-to-roll.

The internal propulsion technology is a convex moulded EVA substance that helps in the heel-to-toe movement, and the Gel Pads used in Xelero shoes offers the shock absorption for both front and rearfoot for advanced comfort.

Xelero Matrix

The Matrix shoes are the best option for walking and jogging. The outer sole with mini-lug is an idol for the roads, and smooth tracks as the breathable mesh technology help to keep your feet cool during the exercise. Dri-lex lining material also helps to wick the moisture and keeps your foot dry and cool during heavy training sessions.

Xelero Oracle

Oracle is the best option when you decide for a walk for hours as the outer sole offers the stability and comfort while the Drilex lining wicks the moisture and helps to keep your feet dry and warm.


These shoes were the first low-cut outdoor shoes with the high abrasion outsole that gives the maximum stability and motion control during hiking or travelling on hard surfaces. The Hyperion technology used for hiking to keep you comfortable and increase the grip while walking. The upper material of Hyperion is usually made of ripstop, leather, and nylon. Somehow these shoes are weather-resistant and shoe water repellant as well. Texon insole Release the pressure to give your toes comfort and stability while the Dri-lex lining material wicks the moisture away for keeping the foot cool and dry.

The Special feature of Xelero men's shoes

The Xelero rocker system offers more dynamic stability and control. This advanced, safe and medically proven system supports the natural gait pattern. The patented XRS (Xelero Rocksteady Technology) technology includes a rolling element integrated into the midsole, while the outsole remains completely flat. It automatically forces a dynamic and laterally stable, flexible action without changing the natural gait pattern.

You move healthily and dynamically without losing your balance! The Xelero XRS technology adheres to the scientifically sound biomechanical principles: every Xelero shoe is optimally suited for orthopedic insoles.

Dedicated principle for special men's sneakers

For the coming season, you will find Xelero's runner-ups in the extra-wide Matrix, Oracle and Summit models. Some models are equipped with a waterproof material specially developed by Xelero.

Benefits of Xelero shoes:

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