Wooden toys in Australia for children are an increasingly popular alternative to plastic toys. They delight both the parents who care about the child's health and the children themselves, who love their intense colours, various shapes and texture different from plastic toys.

Wooden educational toys Australia are not only blocks - among the accessories for children available in our store you will also find wooden trains, cars, educational cubes made of wood, games, puzzles and sorters. Lots of fun guaranteed!

In recent years, wooden toys have regained popularity and are now one of the most frequently and most frequently chosen toys for children. Among their numerous advantages, parents indicate precise artistry, durability and educational value.

The broadly understood educational value is probably the most important advantage of wooden toys. By providing positive stimuli, wooden toys stimulate the proper development of a child in terms of manual skills and sensory integration, as well as develop imagination and the ability to think abstractly. This means that by choosing wooden toys, you give your child a chance for sustainable development through active play.

There is also an educational value behind good wooden toys. Wooden puzzles are great for children's development, especially for their memory. It is similar to wooden blocks. They are not only fun but also allow your child to develop their imagination by learning about new shapes and adjusting them to each other.

A wooden kitchen or cutting fruit allows the child to develop not only manual skills important in everyday life, but also allow them to explore the world by imitating the behaviour of adults in safe conditions for children. Musical toys, such as wooden cymbals, are perfect for the development of creativity and stimulating the child to act. They also introduce the little ones to the world of sounds and music.

Wooden toys for babies

One of the main advantages of wooden toys is their composition. Many plastic accessories contain lead and phthalates, which can adversely affect the health of a young child. Wooden toys are a 100% natural and ecological product. What's more, wooden toys do not have sharp edges, so your child will not get hurt. 

 Wooden blocks for children

When we hear the word wooden toys, the first thing that comes to mind is wooden blocks. Also, pay attention to the way wooden toys develop the child's creativity. Most of them are elementary models, not equipped with complicated mechanisms that speak or move the toy.

This simplicity, which may seemingly seem like a disadvantage, is actually a big advantage - wooden blocks or trains give the child a lot of room to show off. Still, they do not provide ready-made solutions, thus stimulating his creativity and positively influencing his development.

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