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Colognes and perfumes both are scents that a woman wear to attract a potential mate or even improve her beauty. A good perfume or cologne can help you smell awesome, lift up a mood or evoke fond memories. There are hundreds of thousands of different perfumes and colognes available in the Australian market, making it quite hard to find the Most Popular Women’s Perfume with ease. Currently, wearable fragrances have become a multi-million-dollar business a year. Thanks to new campaigns, labels and fashion lines, more people choose and wear different styles of perfume and cologne than ever before.

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Michael Kors Kors Women Perfume


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Christian Dior J'adore Women Perfume


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Narciso Rodriguez For Her Women Perfume


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Prada Candy Gloss Women Perfume


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So how do you know which scent is going to fit you the best? There are various ways to choose the right fragrance that matches your own unique style and personality.

Choosing a Scent

There are various "notes" in each perfume or cologne. And these notes decide the overall fragrance. Such notes consist of three layers top, middle and base and are all designed to produce a particular smell in synergy. Many perfumes, like floral and others, contain various notes of fragrance like rose, gardenia or geranium. Others may be a little fruity, with citrus or apple undertones. Exotic fragrances contain spicy notes such as anise stars or even cinnamon. But when it comes to men's fragrances, the descriptions are separate.

Musky fragrances have a stronger, more masculine scent, while other smells can have pine or even leather-based notes. It's undoubtedly a bold move to decide which cologne or fragrance styles you prefer and then see the specific notes before making a buying decision. You should read more about the different notes used to produce cologne and perfume in order to get a better understanding of the ones that your taste would match.

Choosing a Concentration

Fragrances are available at four different concentration levels which makes it quite easy to find the Best perfume for Women. As the amount of concentration increases, the cost often usually increases. Normally, high-concentration colognes and fragrances have deeper and long-lasting fragrances. It can be a little costly, but some people think it's worth the higher price. The maximum level of concentration is simply referred to as perfume or parfum. This level of concentration normally lasts for a whole day with only one application to the pulse points or wrists.

The next stage or level is Eau de parfum, which promises to last approx. 6 to 7 hours with ease with one application. The third level is called Eau de toilette and can generally be found in retail stores in a relatively inexpensive way. Very much, unlike Eau de parfum, it needs more than one application to last all day long. At last, there is a fourth and lowest fragrance concentration named Eau de cologne that doesn't last more than 2 hours.

Testing the Perfume

When it comes to buying any fragrance in-store, you should certainly do several basic tests to make sure that it is something you want to wear and will be enjoyed. This method, however, wouldn't apply if you are buying your favourite fragrance online. So, make a simple sniffing test first of all to get the main impression of how it feels. But it's important to try a bit of your skin fragrance. This is why most beauty departments and shops sell customers samples so they can try something before purchasing it.

Our skin has its own special hormone and pheromone code that can alter the scent of a perfume moderately or even highly. It's a good idea to spray a little on your wrists, wait a couple of minutes and then smell the scent on your skin. Sometimes the smell can be enhanced or decreased depending on your own chemical makeup. It can also be modified if a certain chemical does not suit a combination of the fragrance. Consider a few simple online tests to help you find a fragrance that suits your own style if you cannot shop in a retail store.

Where to Buy?

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