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A French Consumer Electronics company named Withings in Australia and other countries is offering its customers a wide range of products such as BP Monitors, Watches, Scales and much more.

The company is headquartered in Issy-less-Moulineaux, France alongside many offices in other parts of the world such as Hong Kong, USA and Canada to cover markets worldwide.

The reason behind Withings popularity is its innovation and ground-breaking design in its device such as a smart sleep system, Wi-Fi Scale on the market, a wide number of watches that track activity automatically and FDA-cleared blood pressure monitors. Besides, there are B2B solutions, too at their official Withings Store online for researchers as well as healthcare.


The company was founded by three different persons named Eric Carreel (CEO),Fred Potter and Cedric Hutching back in 2008. These three persons were connected to technology and telecom industries so they utilised their experience and produced the company’s first product as “connected body scale” which was arrived in markets in June 2009.

The time flew and the company kept producing products one after another and accomplished all its major goals. Later in 2016, Nokia purchased Withings company and then Withings became a division – known as Nokia Health. In 2018, Withings’ founder Eric Carreel decided to settle down everything regain the control – hence, the company became independent once again.

Product Categories


If you don’t want to spend a fortune on items, then the availability of Withings Sale and promotions can be beneficial. Their official online store provides a wide variety of products under different categories without having to compromise on quality standards. Some of the best products are as follow:

When wearing steel hr on your bed, the light and deep sleep cycles, length and sleep quality are automatically followed through the sleep score. However, you can get out of bed in the best time depending on your sleep cycle with the intelligent wake-up app.

Tracking your sleep lets you understand and want to change your days. Research has shown that better sleep helps people control their weight. This helps to minimize blood pressure.

ScanWatch monitors the rhythm of the heart and offers cardia-health information when the heart rate is atypical (too low or high). Their specific algorithm developed with cardiologists analyzes the heart without interfering with life.

Withings Move is an advanced activity tracker in a modern, simple-modeled design, with no screen but an instant third-hand dial view of your activity. Withings Move tracks walking, biking, sleeping, swimming etc., with GPS linked apps that chart your path. It syncs with the free Health Mate app in order to view and improve your trends over time.

Pulse HR is an innovative fitness tracker that helps you to control everyday exercise and workout sessions without effort. This provides continuous heart rate to optimize your exercises, linked GPS to plan your path and automated monitoring of the sleep with a regular sleep ranking. Plus, with fully customizable smartphone notification you can remain connected to what matters.

Body cardio is a groundbreaking smart Wi-Fi system developed by cardiologists that provides advanced body composition and on-demand cardiovascular health research. The readings are immediately shown in the Health Mate app and also track your patterns and cardiac health records.

BPM Core provides reliable medical data on the blood pressure both systolic and diastolic. Blood pressure can also help to avoid White Coat Syndrome, detect masked hypertension, and manage nightly hypertension at home. You will see easy to read colour coded feedback after each calculation based on the recommendation of the European Hypertension Society.

BPM Connect provides a precise medical assessment of the systolic, diastolic and cardiac blood pressure. You will also be able to avoid white-coat syndrome, diagnose masked hypertension and treat nocturnal hypertension by measuring your blood pressure at home with BPM Connect.

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