Withings Move Smart Watches

4/5 $130 - $130

Product Name: Withings Move

Release Date: February 2019

Gender: Unisex

Type: Hybrid

Display: Analog

Screen Size: 1.4 inches

Weight: 31 grams

Connectivity: Bluetooth

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Withings Move Activity Tracker Smart Watch, WhiteCoral


Withings announced Withings Move, a customizable analog watch with comes with some amazing features such as sleep tracking, and impressive battery which gives you the battery backup of almost 18 months what more you need? A more advanced model will offer heart rate monitoring and electrocardiogram (ECG) controls and track all your exercise activities. Withings Move in Australia was announced in the first quarter of 2019 which has been launched now. You can purchase this amazing Analog watch from the abovementioned stores.

Price and Availability

Withings Move looks like a traditional watch, which comes with a 38mm frame with dials of three different shapes and colours. There is no screen and the activity is displayed via a dial of the third hand of the watch. The customization options allow users to choose from a range of dial colours, bracelets, dials, watch handles and material combinations, including the type of glass. Withings Move price in Australia ranges from $80 to $120 AUD. You can place the order of this amazing watch from the above-mentioned stores.

Features and Description

This new watch resembles the previous watches of the same series which was Move series, But in this new watch, it replaces the coloured plastic of the chassis with stainless steel resistant to 50 meters’ immersion. The front screen of this watch isn’t touch screen as this is an analog watch which is curved by a mineral glass, such that the dial appears in steel with a satin effect, on which the chrome indexes display the hours.

Whenever you run, walk, playing a game doing exercise this watch records each activity. By long pressing the side button, you can start a training session. This will activate a chronograph and a connected GPS to provide statistics on duration, distance, altitude and route and you can see all these activities in the Application which was synced to your watch.

Withings Move can also be connected to other health and fitness apps for iOS and Android which provides data, information, reminders of planned activities and the ability to set goals and manage success. Moreover, you can also connect to more than hundreds of third-party apps. The overall daily and weekly steps, calories burned and distance are displayed in the Health Mate app which is the official Application of Whiting. Automatically detected sessions are also saved in the app, which shows the duration and calories burned during a given activity.


Move offers a spectacular battery with a lifespan of up to 18 months isn’t that cool? And we haven’t seen such type of battery in these types of watches. Even Apple's watch can only last a few days at most but this can stand over 18 months. Move ECG has an autonomy of 12 months which is again far better than the Apple Watch. Well, the battery life also depends on the usage of the user.