WeWood is an Italian brand that represents eco-luxury and design, wrapped in supporting and respecting our planet. These wooden clocks allow you to rediscover nature in its beauty and simplicity. Completely toxin-free and free of any artificial materials, WeWood watches Australia are as natural as your wrist.

Respect the skin in the same way that you respect nature by choosing to use it. By wearing your WeWood on your wrist, you can be sure to stand out for every wooden watch purchased; a tree will be planted. Only by joining forces can we contribute to the survival and health of the world around us.

Brand Overview

WeWOOD emerges from Italy as an emblem of ecological luxury and design, committing to the health of our planet and maintaining a sophisticated approach to sustainability.

Your WeWOOD watch has breathed the same air that you breathe now and it may awaken memories of another time and place. It is your natural companion, and his story may end up becoming yours.

The WeWood collection consists of four types of watches. All WeWood watches feature an analog watch, and all have a snap closure. WeWood will respect your skin, as they are completely natural and free of toxic materials, and even their packaging is 100% recyclable.

WeWOOD allows us to rediscover the beauty and simplicity of nature. And it reminds us of the way trees live: rooted and close. Absolutely absent from artificial and toxic materials, the WeWOOD watch is as natural as your wrist, respecting your skin in the same way that you respect trees when choosing it.

A philosophy that is not implemented effectively is just a dream. Therefore, with the WeWOOD watch, you can be sure that you are making a difference: with each watch, a tree is planted. Together we can help ensure the survival of our forests and the health of our planet.

WeWood Watches Sale Online

These eco watches are made from recycled wood. The peculiarity of WeWood watches: they are made of unique quality wood and emit a strong fragrance of wood. Under the motto "A clock, a tree, a planet," WeWood contributes to protecting the environment and our planet.

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