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Without a doubt, ovens are considered one of the great kitchen appliances for grilling, baking, as well as reheating all kinds of food. They are also helpful in cooking a handsome variety of recipes and foods, including pizza, muffins, chicken grilled, or even popcorn.

Well, one of the well-known brands, named Westinghouse Ovens in Australia, comprises a handsome variety of options to choose from according to your food and kitchen needs quite efficiently. All of their offered ovens are available in different sizes, capacities, and features, and therefore, the price varies accordingly. Some of the top ovens offered by Westinghouse are mentioned here on this page for you to choose from, depending on your personal requirements and living space.

About Westinghouse

George Westinghouse created the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Pittsburgh in 1886. Famous personalities like Nikola Tesla were among George's engineers, while his arch-nemesis was Thomas Edison, the founder of General Electric. George left a legacy of 361 patents when he died in 1914, hailed as the "best living engineer" of his day. Since then, the 60 companies he started have carried on his legacy. The firm established 'The Home of Tomorrow' in Ohio in 1934 to show off its newest and best home appliances in a real-life setting. To this day, Westinghouse's tagline is "built for contemporary families."

Aside from that, all the available Westinghouse Ovens Online are dazzling and ideal when you cook a tasty roast for your friends and family or put your favourite recipe to the test. No matter what type of food you cook, reheat, or grill, Westinghouse has completely got you covered.

Best Westinghouse Ovens to Choose

Do you want to buy Westinghouse ovens at unbeatable prices? The Westinghouse Sale and Promotion department includes a wide choice of products at unbeatable prices, so it wouldn't break your bank. The following are some of the finest products:

It has a programmable timer that allows you to choose when you want to cook and how long you want to cook for. It's also beautifully built with Australian families in mind, with multi-layer glass that keeps the oven doors cooler to the touch when it's hot. This 80L capacity in the 60cm oven range lets you make every mealtime easy and full of flavour, whether it's a family roast or a delectable dessert.

With the Twin Fan System, this 90cm multi-function 11 oven can cook any meal to perfection. Fans move in opposing directions, evenly spreading heat throughout the oven, ensuring consistently excellent results. It includes a full-touch electronic panel with a fully programmable timer and is simple to operate with a stylish look. You'll have complete control over your culinary operations with only a few touches on the easy-to-clean surface.

They designed multi-layer glass oven doors for further peace of mind and safety in the kitchen. The Westinghouse FamilySafe oven doors are reported to be cooler and safer for families with small children due to the multi-layer glazing. Furthermore, it has fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, which allows you to enjoy a family-friendly oven with truly stainless steel. With its easy-to-clean, smudge-free stainless steel, keeping your oven looking fresh is a breeze.

Take your cooking to the next level and consistently produce the ideal roast. This big-capacity oven has steam-assisted cooking, which combines hot air with just the appropriate amount of steam to create a unique mix of hot air and steam. The end product is a mouthwatering experience. Crisp and caramelised on the exterior and moistly soft on the inside, you'll savour the delectable roasting perfection. It's no surprise that the company refers to it as the "perfect family roast."

Save on Westinghouse Ovens Online

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