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Do you want to consume steamed food without compromising the quality of the food? Purchase Westinghouse Cookers and Steamers in Australia, which are designed to cook your meals quickly and without causing any problems.

The non-sticky base of these Westinghouse cookers and steamers prevents your food from being overdone or burnt. Furthermore, such pans are significantly easier to clean. The design is also important since it aids in the proper steaming of the food, which enhances its flavour.

About Westinghouse

The Westinghouse Electric Corporation was founded by George Westinghouse in Pittsburgh in 1886. Among George’s engineers were notable figures like Nikola Tesla, but his arch-rival was Thomas Edison, the creator of General Electric. When George died in 1914, he left a legacy of 361 patents and was recognised as the "greatest living engineer" of his day. His legacy has been carried on by the 60 firms he founded since then. In 1934, the company opened "The Home of Tomorrow" in Ohio to demonstrate its newest and greatest home appliances in a real-world scenario. "Built for Contemporary Families" is still Westinghouse’s slogan.

All the available Westinghouse Cookers and Steamers Online include a number of features, such as the ability to keep meals warm for several hours and an automated system that can make the right rice for you. Simply add the ingredients, press the automated cook button, and wait for the machine to notify you when the food is ready to eat. These machines are ideal for individuals who have a big family – up to 10 members. We have compiled a list of retailers where you can get all these Westinghouse Appliances at the most affordable prices.

Best Westinghouse Cookers and Steamers to Choose

Are you new to digital technology and don't know how to use Westinghouse Cookers and Steamers? We've put together a list of some of Westinghouse's most popular cookers and steamers, each of which comes with a user manual to help you get started. Let's have a look at the following:

No unsightly stovetop boils overs, just perfectly steamed rice! Cook the rice in the nonstick bowl and keep it warm. The Westinghouse rice cooker keeps steam within for flawlessly cooked, flavorful, and fluffy rice every time thanks to its jar-style locking cover. Other useful features also include automated cooking and keeping warm capabilities, as well as the steam basket, which may be used to cook other foods while the rice is cooking. You can feed the whole family with a huge 10-cup capacity.

The Westinghouse 6.5L Slow Cooker is a multi-purpose cooking appliance. In the large 6.5L nonstick ceramic dish, slow cook the delectably tender, flavorful food. Use the control dial to simply set the hot, low, or stay warm features. The lightweight bowl may be used on the stovetop just like a standard saucepan. This is fantastic for searing meats before slow cooking them for spectacular results.

This spacious 10 Cup Rice Cooker makes cooking fluffy, aromatic rice for the whole family a breeze, and it even keeps the cooked rice warm. For your protection, the hinged lid has a super fresh seal and remains cold to the touch. The elegant exterior body is manufactured from glossy, polished stainless steel for aesthetic appeal and wiping clean ease, while the inside pot is covered with a high-duty non-stick coating in a stone finish. The Cook and Keep Warm functions are visible at a glance thanks to an illuminated display, and a sophisticated condensation collector is included.

The Westinghouse WHSC01SS includes a tempered glass cover that provides hands-free monitoring of food while it cooks while keeping important steam, flavour, and cooking temperature. It also has an indicator light so you can know whether your appliance is working for you at a glance. The 6.5-litre size detachable ceramic pot is meant to feed a family or a group of friends, and the oval form lends itself to bigger pieces of meat and fowl.

Save on Westinghouse Cookers and Steamers Online

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For each cup of rice, you wish to cook, pour 1 cup of water into the Westinghouse rice cooker pan. After that, add the rice. Cover the pan with the cover. Turn the Westinghouse rice cooker on by plugging it in and turning the cooking switch to "On."

When you steam your food, you simply cook it using steam. You can pressure steam your food in the same pot as you can steam it in a pressure cooker, as long as the lid is tight enough.