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Weldtite Tf2 Aerosol Spray Wit...

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Weldtite Tf2 Aerosol Spray Wit...

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Weldtite Citrus Degreaser 1L

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Weldtite Australia manufactures the world's most complete and innovative range of bicycle maintenance products. The range includes tire repair materials, specialized lubricants and cleaning products, valve accessories and workshop tools.

Founded 70 years ago, Weldtite Australia has a manufacturing plant in Lincolnshire in northern England and supplies customers throughout the United Kingdom and in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Weldtite – Overview & History

Since the 1940s, Weldtite manufactures Tyre and puncture repair items for the British Military, and since then the brand expanded its puncture protection range, incorporating with the newest technology that meets the needs of today’s cycling.

Weldtite, the UK brand manufactures and develops the quality products that include Dirtwash cleaning products, TF2 Lubricants, Cyclo tools, Jetavalve inflation, ECare for eBikes, Adie branded products and pure environmental responsible products.

Weldtite Australia has a permanent program of product development, covering the entire range of products we manufacture. The most recent emphasis has been on the highly innovative development of top-quality workshop tools for professional mechanics. They have their design and quality control team at home and all our products are designed by our team of expert bike mechanics. They work with the ISO 9001 international quality standard, which guarantees that all our products are subject to consistently high standards.

Weldtite support leading bicycle racing and visualization teams that use our products. The brand is also delighted with the opinions of the products we receive from magazines around the world. Weldtite Australia attends cycling events nationally and internationally to ensure maximum exposure of our products and support our extensive network of customers.

Weldtite Cycling Products

The Weldtite cycling products are characterized by design, created specifically for the practice of the sport. The English brand was able to open a space between practitioners and today is one of the best-known cycling brands.

When cycling, pay special attention to the accessories and items the brand need. The Weldtite brand has been developing accessories for the sportsman for many years and, in most cases, has developed these new articles with the collaboration of world and national elite sportsmen, who with their experience help to improve the final product.

Weldtite Cycling Accessories

Of all the English brand articles, we should highlight the Weldtite accessories. Since the Weldtite brand was founded, accessories have evolved to the present day with the incorporation of new materials and production techniques to offer a better quality product. One of Weldtite's main goals with its accessories is to achieve the best performance with the lowest weight and always with the aesthetic line that characterizes the English brand.

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