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When it comes to buying a watch, an ideal budget is different for everyone. Whilst for some, AU$200 is indeed a lot of money to spend on an accessory (like a watch) – there are those of us with a large budget for watches in specific. Although there is an extensive amount of complications to select from in a watch. Here on this single page, we will be looking at the general functions to look out for when it comes to buying a watch within a budget of AU$300-1000.

Well, Watches Prices in Australia aren’t really higher and one can buy a watch for him/her without breaking their banks. Be a smart shopper and go through our mentioned below general functions that will help you end up buying a perfect watch without compromising on numerous bucks.


This first and foremost option is based on your own personal preference. Some of us prefer a lighter watch – perhaps made of titanium which is lighter as compared to steel whereas other people opt for the heavy watch. Normally, a heavy watches indicates a better quality of a watch as it hints to as solid construction. Most of the heavy watches are made of steel. Be noted that light watches are normally cheap as compared to heavy watches which set users back extra bucks as far the quality is concerned.

Sapphire Glass

Is there anything worse than getting a good looking and amazing watch that can easily be scratched? Obviously, No! And it’s the most important factor that is overlooked quite often when buying a watch. However, it’s an important factor if you are concerned any watch being in excellent condition long-term. It’s recommended to get your hands on a watch made from scratch resistant glass to keep it in a good condition for the years to come.

Dial Illumination

Well, it’s not really mandatory for all watch wearer – however, it’s a drastically convenient feature. If you work night shifts or just like an idea of being able to see your watch if there is no lighting, then Dial illumination feature is important to consider about. Not only, it’s having a shining dial that counts but how great it’s as the glow can vary from watch to watch.


Without leaving a dent on your wallet, you can get a variety of different watch movements from automatic to battery powered quartz. Getting your hands on perfect movement for you and your lifestyle is vital. If you like a no-fuss kind of watch, you are better to go for an automatic as it’s powered by a movement of your own wrist. But if you feel comfortable with a watch needs a new battery after a couple of months, fashion quartz watch is the movement for you.

Watches Price Comparison

Paylessdeal.com.au comes up with a handy tool “Price Comparison” which can help you save a lot while you are buying a watch as one can find an ideal watch for him/her at lesser rates with ease. But it only happens when you Compare Watches Prices. These above watches can be induced to price comparison to see the lowest price offered. The exciting discounts in % offs are prominent in e-Commerce stores which saves money.