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Vilac has been producing wooden toys for children since 1911, which are still popular among children and the trust of their parents. Ingenuity, innovation, precision, and first-class materials have secured the company a strong position at the forefront of global toy manufacturers. A large part of the Vilac toys are currently made in France but are available in every part of the world. Vilac in Australia also supplies their toys, which are loved by the children.

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Price and Availability

When you buy toys for your children, you care about their quality, durability, and functionality. Nobody likes when his favorite things break too quickly, so we often look for solutions that will guarantee us this long-term reliability. For the children's assortment, Vilac will be a unique solution. Vilac price in Australia ranges from 20 to 300 AUD. Here below, we have mentioned various links from where you can buy any of the toys for your child.


The French brand Vilac offers us a vast range of products designed for children, from furniture to extremely creative toys. To diversify the room of our children, we can arrange a chair and table from the series with Teddy Bear, which will create the perfect corner to develop manual skills, e.g., by drawing or painting.

An interesting tip is also recently fashionable tipi, or a tent, which can stand in a children's room acting as a hideout and favorite playground. Vilac toys include blocks, chess, theaters, and many more. Their great advantage is that they support children's development. Ride-ups help them learn to walk, unique puzzles facilitate learning to read.

Thanks to cooperation with new, young artists, the image of toys are becoming more and more enjoyable. Wooden toys are characterized by excellent workmanship, which will last longer, becoming resistant to all manifestations of children's fantasy.