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Viktor & Rolf was founded back in 1992 by Dutch designers named Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. Viktor & Rolf is specialised in making conceptual and Avant-grade designs. Their runway presentations are usually conceptually high, showcased, and wit when crossing the label between couture and art.

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Viktor Rolf Spicebomb Men Cologne


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Hermes Pamplemousse Rose EDC 50ml


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Viktor Rolf Flower Bomb 100ml EDP L SP


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Flowerbomb Midnight by Viktor Rolf


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Viktor Rolf Spicebomb 90ml EDT M SP


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Couleur Caramel Pinceau Poudre N 1


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Spicebomb Eau De Toilette Spray By Vikto...


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A few examples of their unusual approach are a completely top-down performance with an upturned dress and a backward soundtrack, a provocative all-black show (including the faces of the model) and a presentation of a single model with the look of a Russian potato on a revolving turntable.

Viktor & Rolf is currently offering a huge assortment of fragrances as well as bridal dresses and much more to entice not only in the United States but other countries including Australia and New Zealand too. Interestingly, a wide range of fragrances is being offered by Viktor & Rolf in Australia, and some of them are listed here on this page as well for your convenience to shop with ease.

Viktor & Rolf Products

Viktor & Rolf, without any doubt, is the well-known platform with the finest assortment of products. They are providing a vast range of high-quality fragrances such as:

  • Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Midnight

Flowerbomb Midnight is a floral fragrance, a smelling sensual bomb ready to float into the night. This enigmatic flower is also known as "Queen of the Night," only blooming and showing its captivating fragrance at daybreak. This is a long-lasting, addictive, sensual and sparkling Eau de parfum. This new aroma is enveloped in a radical bottle of black, a new joy of the Flowerbomb family, ranging from pink to black, day by night, that invites women to reveal their power to the visible side of their personality.

  • Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb EDP

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb EDP is an ideal gift for a woman who has almost everything. Flowerbomb is the most beautiful and poignant explosion of your senses. Walkthrough the Garden of Eden as the magically evocative notes of the perfumes inspire your imagination.

  • Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme EDP

Spicebomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf is a heat explosion. It’s a long-lasting, deeper and more extreme fragrance – based on the original Spicebomb. This is more robust as in this Eau de Parfum for men, Spicy notes are enhanced and intensified.

  • Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Eau de Parfum

The delicious fragrance "Bonbon" is produced to fuel your desire with such an unwavering scent that you can see it edible. The origin of the fragrance is characterised by Caramel. From beginning to end, the notes of caramel mature from a sharp, edible top note to softer and milkier in the middle and darken in the middle, adding depth to the base note.

  • Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar EDP

Flowerbomb Nectar is a Floriental scent that is a sensual representation of the floral Flowerbomb bouquet with more intense undertones. The delicate Flowerbomb family has an explosive gunpowder chord that gives an unforgettable, striking impression and the trail of smoky and metallic notes.

  • Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb EDT

Spicebomb is a spice explosion, a sensory explosion of masculinity. Ablaze of fiery, spicy notes include Saffron, Dutch Cinnamon, Pimento Berries and Pink Pepper -altogether creating a captivating experience. The bottle is a mighty grenade – a powerful weapon that seduces.

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