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Valterra Australia has been a leading brand for more than 30 years for high-quality products for recreational vehicles such as caravans and motorhomes, for swimming tires and spas and industrial purposes.

This American brand from California supplies various components that make the stay in your motorhome or caravan pleasant and comfortable with plumbing accessories to connect all pipes properly.

With skylights, systems for storing and securing cables and hoses, door locks, special electrical cables, connections for water supply and drainage, products for stabilizing, insect screens, and everything for sanitary connections. Naturally, everything in your mini house must also work well.

Brand History & Overview

Valterra was born in 1981 in California, United States, with the manufacturing of Pool & SPA, RV, and other major plumbing products requited in water and sanitation industry.

It all starts when in 1971, Bert Grengs took the initiative and developed Grengs inc, which was a plastic injection moulding company in Burbank, CA. Later, Grengs Inc. being to develop RV gates valves, RV toilets, and other plumbing fittings. The "Banana board" is one of the best plastic skateboards of those times manufactured by the company.

A company transferred from father to son, and that's how Valterra started his journey. In 1981 George Grengs (Son),Barbara Glennon (Daughter),Dennis Lunder (Son in Law),and Patricia (Daughter in law) leads the new company.

Carried the legacy of developing the RV products but this new company starts focusing on Skateboard line as well. In 1984 they built the Skateboards with wood decks and superb graphic bearings on it. No one new this new skateboard line unless in 1985 Michael J. Fox rides it in a movie named "Back to the Futur".

Unfortunately, they could not manage to keep focused on Skateboard business so, they kept their eyes on the expansion of RV business with new products ranges such as RV Locks, ABS tanks, Sewer Hoses, and Fridgemate fans.

The brand never looked down, as he kept on expanding its products, in 2002, Valterra owned Blue Devil Pool & SPA accessories line and built a high reputation in Plumbing, Pool & Spa and other major industrial equipment.

In 2008, the brand decided to offer low-cost customer manufacturing and assembly services to the clients. And with that, after one year the brand joined C-TPAT (customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorist).

In 2013, Valterra got restructure and recapitalized while offering quality products in RV, Motorcoach, truck, and other vehicles market. Also, he got recent acquisitions which include GoPower Solar Systems, Diamond LED lights, Mighty Cord, Minder Industries, Odorlos tank treatments, and cleaning products.

In 2015, the company got ISO 9001:2008 certified by (Internation Standards for Quality Management system). Started from a family business, today, the brand has several employees (430+) working with this organization.

Sanitary solutions for recreational vehicles, swimming pools and spas

In the assortment, you will find all kinds of water tanks, pumps and filters, valves, connection materials, standard and pneumatic sliding valves, non-return valves, sealing rings, and so on. In various sizes, types and materials.

These are also used in industry, agriculture and the commercial market where you want to optimally regulate the supply and removal of water and be able to close quickly in systems with low pressure or vacuum systems.

The valves ensure perfect water control and water-saving applications in septic systems, irrigation, agriculture, swimming pools, spas, IBC, tank drains, and so on. These products are suitable for professionals and do it yourself for installing water applications in the recreational and industrial sector.

Valterra Products

The Valterra PVC sliding valves are available in diameters 50 mm, 63 mm, 75 mm and 110 mm. The pipes are equipped with a stainless steel spindle & slide. The plastic slide valve with stainless steel slide is suitable for low-pressure installations with a maximum of 1 bar pressure such as ponds, swimming pools, whirlpools, tanks, horticulture and other (agricultural) purposes.

VDL slide valve with an extended rod of 50 cm. As a result, this crane can, for example, make a pipe that lies under the ground more comfortable to operate. VDL slide valve suitable for low-pressure closing pipes.

Note the diameters are outside diameters 125 mm and 160 mm. To connect a pipe to it, a glued sleeve must be placed between the gate valve and the PVC pressure pipe.

PVC butterfly valve, the operation is standard manual, but also suitable for the automatic process. The butterfly valve mainly serves as a valve, but can also serve as a control valve. The opening angle is 90 ° with the option of locking at 7.5 °. This butterfly valve is manufactured according to ISO 5211 / F07 standard for mounting for pneumatic and electric drives.

The butterfly valve is available in the sizes:

Valterra Transparent Check Valve - 3/3 - 63 Mm - With Spring

The transparent check valve is very reliable "hanging" non-return valve (with and without spring) with sizeable free passage. The advantage of this non-return valve is that, due to the transparent PVC housing, any contamination is visible. It can be used both vertically and horizontally and is equipped with couplings on both sides.

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