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Valco Baby Australia is an Australian based company that manufactures and distributes children's assortment for over 50 years. Each of its products is created based on many years of tradition, experience and knowledge. An accurate observation of the current needs of parents, as well as knowledge of current trends in the industry, makes Valco Baby strollers an exciting and universal proposition.

Valco Baby Prams

Valco Baby prams are a great response to the growing needs of parents and their children. They combine sophisticated taste, comfort and high-quality artistry. Thanks to exciting projects, they are distinguished by modern design. They are also available in many colour variants.

The Australian brand Valco Baby manufactures solid prams that are famous for their durable frames. At the same time, they are incredibly light, which is a fantastic convenience during everyday use. It also translates into functionality in urban conditions. Valco prams are the answer to the numerous urban barriers. They cope well with curbs and remain stable during complicated maneuvers between store shelves.

Valco Baby Australia, a family-owned company from is a byword for comfort. Their prams have comfortable seats adapted for independent sitting. They are also equipped with smooth backrest adjustment in several positions. High-quality materials are used in their production, which is resistant to dirt and damage. Models equipped with a booth protect children against the adverse effects of sun, wind and rain. Their interior is covered with a layered mesh ensuring protection against, e.g. insects. Inside, some pockets are perfect for storing your child's favourite toys.

Prams by Valco Baby Australia, which are highly appreciated, are the result of constant work on setting new standards of safety, functionality and aesthetics. The systematic practice of the Australian company has contributed to the fact that it has gained the reputation of a leader in the children's industry. For this reason, its products are popular in many parts of the world. No wonder that the Valco Australia Baby brand won the "Canstra blue" survey in the "valued by customers" category.

The Valco Baby stroller range

The Valco Baby Strollers comes with variety, style, and complete performance for all everyday use. Valco Australia offers its Strollers in three different categories that are listed below. Valco Baby Australia has an extensive range of universal accessories, Wheels, Snacking, All-weather protection, Bassinet, and Car seat adapter accessories.

Baby prams (gondolas) - light and spacious:

They allow you to enjoy walking from the first days of your toddler's life.

Single prams - the flagship product of Valco Baby:

They have an ultra-light structure characteristic of a stroller, and they are very functional, also perfect for everyday use.

Double prams - they are lightweight and functional:

Although it is an option for parents of twins, they can even be changed into a baby pram for four children.

Off-road children's prams:

Thanks to their durable construction and three or 4-wheel versions, they are perfect for demanding non-urban areas, also the ideal choice for running parents.

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Although Valco Australia is known for its Strolling and Prams other than that they also offer quality universal accessories such as Tire Pump, Hitch Hiker, Mother Bags, Traveller bag for single & double strollers, Mobile Holder, Cup Holder, Foot Muff and many more.

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