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Whether you go for a cologne or a perfume – both are scents both sexes wear to improve their overall beauty or to get the attention of the other one. The perfumes and colognes can easily evoke fond memories, lift your mood as well as help you smell good in the gathering. There are honesty hundreds of thousands of Unisex Cologne in Australia to choose from. In short, these colognes or perfumes have become a billion-dollar-per-year business for many brands and manufacturers throughout the world.

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Cacharel Noa Eau de Toilette 100ml


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Perfumers Workshop Samba Sport, 100 ml


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4711 Acqua Colonia White Peach & Coriand...


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So many new brands, people and designer lines are emerging on a daily basis with different types of Womens or Mens Perfumes with mind-boggling fragrances. So, how will you determine which fragrance suits you the best? Well, there are different methods to help you decide how to choose the right one which actually matches your personality and make you stand out from a crowd.

How to Choose a Scent

Although the Australian market comprises a number of Unisex Cologne Online in Australia but you can easily get your hands on one that suits you the best through its “Notes.” Every cologne or perfume comes with different notes and these notes define the overall scent. Majorly, such notes comprise three multiple layers called Top, Base and Middle notes and altogether, they work marvellously to create a fragrance.

For instance, quite a few perfumes for both men and women contain notes like geranium, gardenia and rose whereas others maybe a little bit fruiter with apple or citrus. When it comes to exotic perfumes, they consist of notes like cinnamon and star anise.

How to Choose a Concentration

Fragrances are available in four different concentration levels. And as the concentration increases, the price increases too. In general, high-concentration unisex cologne has a better smell and last longer. They may be pretty expensive – but some people think it’s worth the higher price tag. The first level is simply named perfume or Parfum which needs one application for the pulse points or wrists for all day long whereas Eau de Parfum lasts approximately six hours after application and when it comes to Eau de Toilette, it needs only 1 application to take you throughout the day. The last one is named Eau de Cologne which is only around two hours in duration.

  • Parfum

It’s also named perfume extract which is quite expensive and may leave a dent in your wallet when it comes to buying. However, it’s the most gorgeous and beautiful – thanks to its base, heart and top notes. It contains a high concentration of essences – approx. 40% which actually makes it to last longer as compared to any other scent.

  • Eau de Parfum

Eay de Parfum basically focuses on middle and heart notes. And this the reason which actually makes it an ideal spray on clothing as well as hair. It contains around 15% of essences that may reach to maximum 20 sometimes. Since it’s not really intense, it’s affordable but lasts around six to seven hours. 

  • Eau de Toilette

Talking about Eau de Toilette, it’s considered affordable and easy to find perfume online and in stores. Paylessdeal comprises a number Cheap Unisex Cologne for Sale here that contains Eau de Toilette concentration. This concentration flaunts around 10% aromatic essence which evaporates and fades way in a short span of time.

  • Eau de Cologne

The fourth and the last concentration is called Eau de Cologne which tends to have around 7% essence. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last longer but makes you feel refresh in summer days. Since it doesn’t last for a couple of hours – therefore, you’ll need to apply it often in a day.

How to Shop Unisex Cologne for Less?

In Australia, the Unisex Cologne prices start from AU$53 to AU$300 which sometimes may reach an eye-watering AU$800, depending on the brand you choose to buy from. It’s important to note that Australia’s leading price comparison engine, Paylessdeal, always strives hard to let Aussies go through a handsome range of colognes from many online retailers and distributors at unmatched rates. In this respect, we have brought a plethora of Unisex Colognes here on this page at various prices to compare them and choose one wisely at the lowest possible price. Altogether, a thorough and detailed price comparison regardless of discounts and promotions always takes you to the best prices and you save smartly.