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TW Steel Men's TW1 Canteen Brown Leather...


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TW Steel Maverick MS4 Watch Brown


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TW Steel Men's Watch TW927


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TW Steel Men's Volante Stainless Steel J...


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TW Steel - Watch - TW927


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TW Steel 'Canteen' Quartz Gold and Stain...


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TW Steel Men's Watch TW416


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TW Steel Maverick Stainless Steel Quartz...


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TW Steel Men's TWS-CE1021 CEO Canteen Wa...


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TW Steel Men's Simeon Panda Stainless St...


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TW Steel Pilot Watch - Black Dial Date T...


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TW Steel Men MS4 Year-Round Analog Brown...


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TW Steel | CEO Tech | Limited Edition |...


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TW Steel ' Maverick' Quartz Stainless Le...


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TW Steel ' Chrono Sports' Quartz Stainle...


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TW Steel 'Canteen' Quartz Gold Watch(Mod...


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TW Steel Men MS44 Year-Round Analog Brow...


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TW Steel Men's CE1007 CEO Canteen Brown...


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TW Steel Men's Simeon Panda Stainless St...


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TW Steel Men's TW938 Analog Display Quar...


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TW Steel Men VS34 Year-Round Analog Blue...


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TW Steel Men's Maverick Stainless Steel...


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TW Steel Men's Volante Stainless Steel Q...


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TW Steel Men MS32 Year-Round Analog Brow...


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A Dutch watchmaker but a highly recognised and admirable brand TW Steel in Australia brings a handsome collection of watches not only for women but for men as well. The company was founded in the Netherlands by father and son Jordy & Ton Cobelens back in 2005. The founder had an infectious enthusiasm with a passionate belief in a product for taking TW Steel to the new heights of success.

Now, TW Steel watches are loaded with Swiss Quartz movements from Ronda as well as Japanese automatic movements from Citizen Miyota. The company offers its customers 45-50mm diameter variants which are 100% made of steel. They have a special model “Canteen” which features a crown cap that is linked by a “hinge” or “hook” to the side of the case. Interestingly, TW Steel Store has CEO Goliath Collection which is designed for office workers to complete their formal style with ease.

They are known throughout the world. So, TW Steel has got you covered no matter which part of the world you are. The company feels proud of its roots, which have been crafted in the Netherlands and Dutch. Their countless watches are available all over the world in more than 5000 retail outlets including Australia and New Zealand. So, whenever you need to have TW Steel watch on your wrist, they’re very much close to you.

TW Steel Collection

  • CEO Adesso
  • Chrono Sport
  • Maverick
  • Canteen
  • Grandeur Tech
  • ACE Aternus


Different web portals and online retailers aim to offer online shopping to their customers at a low cost. A wide number of TW Steel Sales and discounts are now available on its official online website to choose the desired product at unmatched rates. Let’s have a look at some of the best products offered by TW Steel:

  • CEO Adesso Collection

Move for bravely advanced results. There is now a timepiece for those who appreciate and make time for the finer things of life. The all-new CEO Adesso Collection has a chic urban twist and is based on the original canteen concept by TW Metal. Get intelligent and get a casual twist of information. Select a size that is right for you, pick a 45 mm and 48 mm chronograph and suit your quality time either with premium steel or leather band. There is a new trend for those in the know with 22 models to choose from.

  • Chrono Sport Collection

Take the retro twist on the ground. The Chrono Sport range blends a recreational, trendy and flexible theme with an active theme. Make a statement, explore and get your energy flowing. Go for a classic retro style or select the powerful side. Every model has a broad chronograph movement that enables you to determine the speed of your own.

  • Maverick Collection

Cut loose and give the usual time a clean split. The Maverick Collection takes inspiration from the breakthrough Son of Time to stun the world of sports heritage with its new retro style. Walk another way without losing any TW Steel attitude and enjoy the easier side. Choose the statement with the leather strap or a super clean Milanese steel bracelet in a retro style. Be courageous, let's roll good times, be a Maverick.

  • Canteen Collection

TW Steel's first. The Canteen was the first product to enter the market and is still the head of the series number one. It is an easily identifiable fashion symbol identified by the iconic crown/crown cap and two steel dots on the leather strap. The original TW Steel Canteen can be found as you like it in three-handed automatic and chronograph versions.

  • Grandeur Tech Collection

As formidable as they are, The Grandeur Tech represents the audacious actions of TW Steel in a timer. A raw, rough feeling that is original and uncompromising. In addition to its industrial look, Stainless Steel makes sure it stands out with a special column structure that links the case back to the bezel.

  • Simeon Panda Collection

Step up with confidence and maximize your time. The Limited Editions of Simeon Panda reflect the desire to live up to life. The Simeon Panda Limited Editions are limited to one thousand pieces in seven strong styles. Pick how the moment will be taken.

  • Ace Genesis Collection

The ACE Collection stands out as the very definition of affordable luxury, merging Swiss-made innovation with the ever-present, timeless TW Steel designs. The delivery of premium Swiss-made clocks at an affordable price makes us impossible. Refined, precise and pure audacity.

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