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Drive-on ramps are an excellent tool for bridging truck holds as well as fixed ramps with the ambient level. Truck Ramps Australia allow you to plan the transport of goods without risking any damage easily. Rails are used for reloading lighter goods that do not create strong, one-point pressure.

They enable the use of transport equipment with small wheels, such as manual low-lift trucks, single-axle vehicles and rubber wheelbarrows. The ramps allow the handling of heavier goods and the use of medium-sized vehicles, such as construction machinery, tractor mowers or mini-excavators.

Their extraordinary strength ensures easy loading and unloading of heavy, mobile working machines to transport them to a given place without the risk of damage.

AVS Rails

These ramps are designed for handling light, medium and heavy vehicles such as construction machinery, garden equipment, tractor mowers, on tires or rubber tracks. In order to increase the durability of the rails, the running surface in the lower overrun section is reinforced.

Steel Rails for Truck

Special rails for reloading heavy construction machines on steel tracks, stackers, work platforms. The running surface is made of a closed aluminium profile, resistant to skid. The rail can be equipped with a spring-loaded lifting mechanism that reduces the physical effort during lifting and lowering.


• Improving the transport of working machines along road communication routes.

• Possibility of reloading equipment and cargo from the road level to the level of the vehicle hold or the level of fixed ramps.

• Possibility to organize reloading in the expedition zones of small warehouses and wholesalers as well as in transport bases, repair workshops, service stations.

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