Are you looking for the gifts and accessories that are authentic and very much useful? You’re in luck as Trixie & Milo in Australia has got you covered. The story of this brand is quite interesting as it was founded by a husband and wife named Trixie & Milo. Their incredible journey starts when both of them, after working for a handsome number of years for other people, decided to start their own business.

They came across a wide number of business ideas, and finally, Trixie said to his wife, we should combine drinking, art, and travel altogether. Hence, Trixie & Milo, born. The company, since its inception - 2011, striving hard to offer its customers a plethora of accessories and gift items that are not only useful but authentic as well. They started producing drink-ware alongside classic American flasks brought them to the new highs. Their business got an immediate hit, and it appeared everyone was waiting for their vintage flasks.

Now at their official online Trixie & Milo store, they have expanded their product line significantly and included a huge assortment of bags and tools with vintage style and also reflect the love of old America.

Product Categories


The company, through its Trixie & Milo Sale section, promises to deliver their customers the finest range of products without leaving a dent on their wallet. Moreover, the highest quality remained in each and every product offered. So, what are you waiting for?

Trixie & Milo Square Mirror - Fun original top design with a regular mirror and a magnifying glass on the inside.

Let's all think that you are taking responsibility and doing that, the canvas bag, I'm GETTING SHIT DONE! Big heavy linen bag with a leather strap closing – suitable for use as a wallet, a pencil case, a tool roll-up, or even a tobacco pouch. åÊAlso contains a pouch (for adjustments or tobacco) inside the zippering. In the key pouch lined with cotton, and in the zip pocket with nylon.

Mermaids drink vodka, right? Consider this set of 4 distinct mermaids with this whimsical sound. Their four-shoot glass package is secure for dishwashing, with 1.5 ounces (each)—original concepts by Trixie & Milo designers. Designs of blue leaf emaciated. Comes into a simple package of gift boxes.

Their four-glass set are safe for washing and contains 1.5 oz (each)—original concepts by Trixie & Milo designers. Red leaf patterns emaciated. Comes into a simple package of gift boxes.

Everyone has their medicine to take - why not keep yours in this convenient bottle? Original art created by artists Trixie & Milo on a trendy stainless bottle, how cool is this? Each bottle is made of 100% stainless steel without cover, which is food-grade. Each template is printed with water and alcohol resistant high-quality vinyl. Such weddings, birthday parties, holidays, special activities, and more make a perfect gift.

Let it clear to others how you feel. Trixie & Milo have created the retro coffee mug, influenced in their nostalgia for the "good ol' days" – a great gift for anyone who loves classic Americana (or just loves a good "jokeshop"). Please note that the design wraps around the mug's sides (so it's twice cool!). This elegant ceramic bowl is both suitable for the washing machine and for the microwave and contains 12 oz. A drink of your choosing (350 ml). Each taste comes in a typical violet gift box. Produced exclusively for Trixie & Milo in China and planned in the USA.

The "Lady of the Boss." Show her the right amount of respect and ensure she gets hot coffee if you know what's good for you. His fine ceramic bowl is both microwave and dishwasher free, keeping up to 12 oz fluid. A drink of your choosing (350ml). Each taste comes in a typical violet gift box. Designed in the United States and primarily manufactured in China for Trixie & Milo.

The Evil Bitch coffee mug is for those who don't have their own caffeine before. The mug says, "I can't do this morning!" It's both a dishwasher and a secure microwave that's a great ceramic mug that holds 12 oz—a drink of your choosing (350ml).

Your bottle opener designed by Queen of Hearts will turn heads wherever you go. Now, the iconic (and classy) 1950's nudie card style comes with a bottle opener! The Gentleman (or the lady) on the go is the ideal accessory. It's not only cool, but it's also highly practical. A special pocket bottle opener that hangs on your keyring and stands out from the crowd! (or fits in your wallet).

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