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A multinational company named Toshiba in Australia is known for its broad range of electronic products as well as mind-boggling services such as information technology, and communications equipment. Moreover, Toshiba manufactures electronic components and materials, social infrastructure systems, power systems, home appliances, office equipment, medical equipment, and much more. It was founded back in 1939 as Tokyo Shibaura Denki K.K., but later in 1978, it was changed to Toshiba officially.

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Toshiba Tecra Z50-E i5-8250U PT591A-04Y0...


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Toshiba Tbfc30 Waste Bottle


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Toshiba Pa5285a1mfh X10 Pro 2tb Portable...


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Toshiba TBFC30 Waste Bottle


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Toshiba Canvio Advance V10 USB 30 Portab...


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TOSHIBA TFC26SY Yellow Toner


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Toshiba Tecra A50-EC i5-8250U Windows 10...


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2Tb Toshiba Canvio Basics Portable Hard...


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Toshiba Dynabook Pph11a097002 Portege X4...


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Toshiba T170F Toner Black


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Toshiba 32GB U202 USB Flash Drive White


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TOSHIBA 35 8TB 7200rpm 256MB


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Toshiba Portege X20 i5-8250U 8GB RAM 256...


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Toshiba AAA Batteries 40 Pcs


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Toshiba Ps0048ua1dvd Usb20 Ultraslim Por...


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Toshiba LM05 USB 20 Flash Drive 32GB


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TOSHIBA T170F Toner Black


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Toshiba Tecra C50 i5-8250U 8GB RAM 256GB...


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Toshiba Dynabook Pph11a09k002 X40j I7116...


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Toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB USB 30 Externa...


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Toshiba R80 MicroSD Card with Adapter 12...


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TOSHIBA TFC26SY Yellow Toner


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Toshiba Dynadock U30 Universal Usb 30 Do...


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Since the day beginning, Toshiba is manufacturing a variety of consumers as well as business products across the world, and interestingly, there is an official Toshiba Store in approx. every major country, including Australia and New Zealand.

Not only HD TVs and superb-quality laptops, but Toshiba has also built DVD Players, Printers, Lighting Products, Digital Video Recorders, Surveillance System, Medical Products, and LCD devices. With the broadest range of products for Aussies across Australia and the people of New Zealand, Toshiba is represented by both wholly-owned distributors and subsidiaries. All representatives of Toshiba in New Zealand and Australia are committed to provide you with a quality service and build a strong and long-term business relationship.

Besides, Toshiba ensures the round the clock availability for their customers’ convenience. The company also provides a very hassle-free and user-friendly environment on its official website to provide a good and enjoyable online shopping experience. Moreover, Toshiba values its customers a lot and hence, strives to provide the best facilities for the satisfaction of the customers. In short,

Product Categories

  • Mobile Computers
  • Multi-Function Devices
  • Industrial Products
  • Power Systems
  • POS Systems
  • Barcode Printing


Customers can get an advantage of Toshiba Sale to purchase their desired product at unmatched rates alongside prompt services. They are also remarkable in all their offerings from the beginning. They have a huge assortment of products and have the most versatile shelves. Some of the best Toshiba Products are as follow:

  • Tecra Laptops
  • Portege Laptops
  • dynaEdge Mobile Mini PC

Tecra Laptops Features

  • Efficient Cooling Technology

This innovative cooling technology on laptops enables good performance, combining airflow control optimization, component layout, and highly effective air intake design.

  • Structurally Sound for Peace of Mind

A fiberglass-reinforced frame with wave belt rib construction is used to design the new line of Business laptop computers for improved reliability and rigidity. It also integrates a pillar technology, which improves the experience with keyboard typing.

  • Smart & Practical Functionality

The Tecra line makes deployment easier because they share a common picture, port replicator, and AC adapter. Plus, you can minimize your overall costs of ownership through Dynabook's leading industry reliability.

  • Eco-Smart Design

Eco-conscious products, materials, and packaging are used to produce all items and are certified as EPEAT Gold. Such strong laptops will not only be good for business, but they will also be safe for the environment.

dynaEdge Mobile Mini PC

Take advantage of dynaEdge Mobile Mini PC— the new mobile solutions pioneer. It's an extremely compact and full capacity device perfect for a company that seeks to upgrade its working areas through a thin-customer solution that is interactive, collaborative, and safe–standing out from the crowd as a truly powerful mobile computing solution.


  • USB Optical Mouse
  • TruPen Replacement Tips
  • USB Keyboard with 10 Keys
  • Portege Digitizer Pen
  • USB-C to VGA with Power Delivery
  • USB-C to HDMI with Power Delivery & more

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