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TORQ Australia is your fitness partner. It has always been and will remain so. The brand's roots are firmly established in fitness and cycling with their technological integrity and advantage. Their choice of high-performance nutrition products was developed with the need to offer the highest levels of support to the athletes who use them. TORQ Australia imposes strict standards as the brand categorically refuses to use ingredients that do not come from a NATURAL source, or that are not found naturally in the human body.

TORQ – Natural Ingredients

TORQ Australia firmly believes that artificial ingredients like sweeteners have no performance benefits, and can cause discomfort in the stomach and possibly harm your health in the long run. Advanced components like D-Ribose, HMB and L-Glutamine are found naturally in your body and represent some of the most powerful supplements available on the market today, so why use artificial products? Each ingredient that TORQ uses is included at levels recommended by the available research. TORQ does not take any short cuts and does not accept any compromise.


The brand passionately creates excellent nutrients, arranged in a simple system and provide the know-how to get the most out of it. They made the best efforts so that you get the best result, thanks to optimal nutrition, break your next long-distance records and have the pleasure and satisfaction. A long-distance is TORQ’s passion, may Power of TORQ be with you.


One of the finest Nutrition Performance brand, TORQ Australia offers Recovery and Energy Nutrition product ranges that include Gels, Bars, Energy Drinks, and Chews gums. TORQ always manufactures the quality products without any sort of chemicals and that’s the uniqueness of this brand manufacturing the products without using any chemical sweeteners, artificial flavours, or any artificial colours.

TORQ Energy Gels are available in different and unique flavours such as Banana, Raspberry, Orange, Ripple, Strawberry Yoghurt, Lemon Drizzle, Cherry yoghurt, and many more. The brand pride’s in providing the best energy source before and after the exercise as the range of TORQ energy drinks will help to deliver the best yet delicious post-workout protein shakes.

TORQ Australia relies on a 2: 1 blend of maltodextrin with absolute purity, using only natural substrates, no chemicals, no artificial sweeteners, no synthetic preservatives. In this way, they achieve maximum effectiveness (350 Kcal / h) and comfort for the stomach (natural, clean composition and fast absorption).

Taste and consistency are created for sports struggles. The Recovery accelerates regeneration by 340-430% (Ribose, Whey Protein - including all BCAAs, carbohydrates and glutamine - it's probably the strongest legal regenerative blend on the market). Only natural ingredients, appropriate synergistic proportions and purity are the foundation of every TORQ product.


Depending on the conditions, you can swap and mix gels, bars, chew, energy (IZO),hypotonic, without losing control over the optimal amount in time. It all fits together.

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TORQ Australia contains the large products ranges that include Fuelling system, Recovery System, SNAQ, Hydration Products, BULQ, Diabetes, clothing and Equipment. Machines need fuel to run whereas the TORQ fueling system offers the best Energy Bars, Energy Chews, Gels, Drinks, and Hydration products.

For Recovery system products, the brand offers Recovery bars, drinks, and recovery plus for post-workout proteins and vitamins. For having the perfect and balanced meals the brand suggests the SNAQ breakfast and Meal products that address the needs of athletes and active people.

BULQ products include the premium and finest quality food/nutrients that provide natural and optimal performance and keeps your body healthy and fit. The BULQ products include Protein Fusilli, ORZO, Glutamine, HMB, Maltodextrin 20, PEA protein, Ribose, Vegan recovery, and whey proteins.

All these products offered by TORQ Australia are available at our online stores at affordable and best prices. Buy TORQ Products Online and let your body be healthy and fit because your body also needs fuel to run perfectly and TORQ is the only fuel compatible with your body. Other than that TORQ also offers the Bottles, Clothing, and other equipment as well that are available at our store.