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A medical condition that causes a loss of balance or strength might make using the toilet more challenging. Unexpected problems might occur, whether it is just being unstable on one's feet or missing the strength to get up and down from a sitting posture. In more severe cases, a lack of movement may make it difficult to go to and from the restroom.

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While talking about the toilet arrangements is unlikely to be high on anyone's list of enjoyable activities, it is essential to examine practical solutions. Many people find the issue humiliating and are frequently hesitant to seek aid or guidance. As is always the case, the first step is to identify the issue so that you can get the right and best safety aids. Elderly individuals who live alone are especially vulnerable, and not everyone has someone with whom to discuss intimate concerns such as bathroom use. Paylessdeal comprises a handsome variety of Toilet Assistance and Safety Aids in Australia, which will surely help you with toileting.

Best Toilet Assistance & Safety Aids

  • Commodes

If you are having difficulty getting to the bathroom, try placing a commode chair in an easier-to-reach corner of the house. They come on wooden or metal frames, are height-adjustable and may be mobile or stand-alone. Some are foldable and can be collapsed for storage. Most commodes include easy-to-clean surfaces that allow them to be kept neat and tidy. Wooden versions are generally set in height, whereas metal frames are frequently movable. Some wooden commodes are nicely made, making them unobtrusive and resembling ordinary furniture. A pan that slips behind the seat is seen on almost all commodes.

  • Seats

Sitting down to use the bathroom is difficult for older people who have stiffness or a lack of joint motion. It might be especially challenging if you are tall. One alternative option is to elevate the toilet's height. This may be accomplished by installing a toilet plinth beneath the WC, but it is a significant installation. Most people instead choose a raised toilet seat that sits on top of the existing toilet. This boosts the seat's total height by six inches. Fixing can be accomplished using conventional toilet seat holes or clamps that fit into the ceramic bowl.

In many situations, conventional toilet seats are 15 or 16 inches above the floor, which is just too low, A. for comfort and B. to make it simple to rise up from. Some toilets come with built-in armrests that you can use to get on and off the toilet.

  • Grab Rails

When shopping for the finest Toilet Assistance and Safety Aids Online, you should think about purchasing a grab rail. Support rails positioned strategically can make it much simpler to balance yourself when using the toilet or to sit and stand while using the toilet. They can be attached to the wall or they can fold down when in use and up against the wall when not in use. The latter is commonly referred to as ‘drop-down toilet rails' and features a ‘U' shaped form. A vertical floor-to-ceiling pole is another form of rail that may be used next to the toilet. It is beneficial, like with other support rails, if you have sufficient upper body strength to lift yourself up from a sitting posture by using it.

  • Portable Urine Bottles

Many diseases affecting the elderly are connected with weak bladders. Many individuals arrange their lives in such a manner that they are never far from a toilet.

Regardless, many people like to keep a sealable urine container with them in case they run out. To decrease the possibility of spills, the bottles feature caps and a wide aperture.

Other Assistance & Safety Aids to Consider

  • Toilet Frames
  • Shower Wheelchairs
  • Padded Toilet Seat Cushions
  • Incontinence Care
  • Awareness is Key

How Much Do They Cost?

Toilet Assistance and Safety Aids Prices in Australia vary significantly, depending on the features - but on average, expect to spend around AUD 12 to as high as AUD 299. Paylessdeal manages to offer a wide variety of Australian online stores, including Amazon which offers toilet assistance and safety aids at various prices. Hence, it allows you to consider choosing your required safety aid from one of the finest online stores, compare prices and ultimately buy it at the best possible price. Indeed, a thorough price comparison takes you to the cheapest possible price and in the end, you save a bit.