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World-famous brand, Tissot Watches Australia has the distinction of offering entry-level to mid-range watches and having a fascinating history. The Culture of innovation of Tissot is allowed the development of high-tech products, special materials and advanced functionality.

Thanks to the various collections offered by Tissot of totally different styles and types, which always brings Swiss quality. Tissot Watches is one of the most respected brands in the world.

Since 1853 this Swiss Watch company has produced many innovative timepieces. More than 155 years the company has been based in the city of Le Locle Swiss watchmaking in the Jura Mountains but now also has a presence in more than 150 countries.

It represents a brand that today has positioned itself with high-quality Switzerland, consistency, great design and emotion in each piece.

Today, the brand continues to make away with touch technology, sports watches, quality, reliability and a range that reaches a large number of customers who want the high specification of a Swiss watch.

Brand History & Overview

It is within this brand that we find many firsts in the history of Swiss watchmaking that we list as milestones in its rich past and innovations. It is a brand with 160 years of history, which has gone through different eras, from family stages, wars and crises, quartz technology and the significant industrialisation of the Swiss Made of its group.

1853: Tissot starts production of pocket watches. Its first building and site where they continue to have their headquarters, today growing and renovated for their recent anniversary is in Le Locle, about two hours from the City of Geneva to the north within the Swiss mountains.

1930: The first antimagnetic watch, the Tissot Antimagnetic born

1933: First watch brand to launch a systematic advertising campaign, including advertisements, catalogues, instructions, displays at points of sale, a showroom in Le Locle becoming the first "Global Marketing Watch".

1946: He is the first watchmaker to make a film production for his watches.

1953: First massively produced clock with 24 time zones on its dial, the Tissot Navigator.

1965: The Tissot PR 516 Automatic Seastar, first inspired by vintage car steering wheels, both in cover and extensible.

1968: Tissot Carrousel, inclusive innovation with its interchangeable bezels.

1971: First plastic mechanical watch developed by the Research and Development Division

1984: Year in which he joins the Swatch Group

1985: First clock made of granite, the stone of the Swiss Alps, the Tissot Rock Watch

1986: First watch with analogue and digital dial activated by a single crown, The Tissot Two-Timer

1999: First watch with touch technology with the T-Touch

2013: 160th anniversary of the brand, reissue the Navigator watch. At the same time, they produce their first watch in the segment with 80 hours of power reserve.

Watches Collection

Tissot watches are of high quality and not too expensive. They offer a wide range, such as Tissot chronograph watch Tissot t-Touch II watch and many more. It is the innovation capacity of Tissot there is no better evidence than for its range of Tissot T-Touch, which has the touch screen technology.

Tissot's range is extensive and in-depth, and the house also offers models for men or women, sports collections or much more classic.

T-Touch is one of the first tactile watches in the world which offers many functions such as altitude, temperature, pressure, barometer, and date. The T Touch has a Quartz movement and is now recharged by the sun. This sports watch is available in a men's and women's version.

PRS516: This watch is a sports chronograph model inspired by the automotive world. It is available with Quartz or automatic movements, and the watch is specially made to be worn by a man.

Le Locle: This collection offers classic and elegant watches. Its design is beautiful, and it is available with the automatic calibre and sometimes complications (chronograph, small seconds, and more)

Tissot Chronograph Watches

Those who love the ancient style and are fond of odd styles, these Chronograph Watches are the best example of historic craftsmanship. With latest features and multifunction Tissot chronograph collection has two or three sub-dials, also have a mini mark to measure minutes and hours.

Tissot Quartz Watches

Well, the Quartz movement Watches reflects the brand's accuracy; also, these watches are battery-powered. Easy to use and handle as they are lightweight.

Tissot T-Touch Watches

Featuring touch screen technological innovation, these T-Touch Watches are available in both analogue and digital clock. Talking about the functions, T-Touch offers eight different functions that are easily accessible via a touch screen feature.

The other features include Thermometer, Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and many others. T-Touch is a combination of robust design and built quality, impressive functionality and elegant looks.

Buy Tissot Watches Online

Tissot - watches of this brand from Switzerland are renowned for their style and quality. They are designed and manufactured using traditional methods. It also applies to Tissot watch straps. Materials like leather and metal give them character.

Besides the material variations, Tissot watch straps also vary in type of clasps such as the butterfly and the folding clasp. Finally, we also have straps adapted to specific watch models such as Tissot T-Classic and Tissot T-Sport. It means that there is always a perfect watch strap that meets your needs and wants.

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