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Excellante 849851004740 Storer...

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Excellant Hamburger Turner, Pl...

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Measuring Cup Set, 14, 13, 12...

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Excellante Storer and Pour, 2...

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Thunder Group 6 Inch Cut Pie M...

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A well-known brand in the kitchenware market, Thunder Group Australia started its business in 1956 in Keelung. Since then, the brand devotes itself for manufacturing the flatware, drinkware, cookware, storage, tabletop, melamine dinnerware, & kitchenware products.

Although working outside the home every time we have less time to devote to cooking every day, our kitchen must be equipped with all the necessary utensils. Especially during the weekend and if we have friends or family visiting at home, we need all kinds of kitchen accessories to prepare a delicious homemade meal that we will accompany with good wine. For such Scenarios Thunder Group Australia is an idol solution to your problems.

Brand Overview

Working for decades, Thunder Group offers the facility to its customers for custom make & design that meets your needs based on your individual requests. The brand can make your ideas and innovations into reality as they can create tumbler from the stadium, custom logos, or any other idea.

The brand’s primary goal is to offer top-class & high-quality products that meet all quality standards. Thunder Groups is delivering innovations with all safety standards and quality for decades. It provides all collection of products that meets ETL, CSA, NSF, and UL requirements. Having an excellent reputation in the world, Thunder Groups still invest in product development & design with such goals in mind.


The kitchenware is one of the most determining factors when preparing our dishes. Thanks to the kitchen accessories, our creativity in the stove may have no limit, which allows us to create a wide variety of dishes for the enjoyment of our guests.

The cookware must be practical, useful and be made sure to help us cook in faster and more efficient materials, facilitating the work of cleaning and maintenance.

Household items are an essential component when it comes to preparing our food and deserve special care when selecting them: pots for cooking large capacities, casseroles for cooking and sautéing food, accessories for cutting meat and vegetables.

Get all Kitchenware products & accessories manufactured by Thunder Group and make your kitchenware more practical.


If your space allows it, why not have a work table full enough and of quality to be able to develop the work in your kitchen comfortably? Avoid conflicts and win in comfort by choosing a work table in your restaurant.

Working awkwardly is something we should avoid in any kitchen. Not only because we do not do our job as we should, but also because we can be encouraged accidents, friction, conflicts with colleagues and even cause the delay in the preparation of the dishes and therefore in the cooking and subsequent presentation of the dishes to the guests.

Keeping you safe from such moments or incidents, Thunder Group offers the best worktables for your kitchen so that it create easiness in preparation of the food.

Kitchen Utensils

The utensils are indispensable tools in food preparation. There are different uses and different materials, but when it comes to the list of kitchen utensils for a restaurant or home, we must choose quality, since these utensils give a special touch to each of the preparations. Our purpose is to conquer the Palate of our customers & Family members.

Table Top Services

Although the presentation of food has a significant impact, so choose wisely how to serve the food. Serving in a proper manner like French Service, English Service or any other is not enough, you have to select an excellent Table Top services that multiply the positive impact while serving the food.

Thunder Group has a wide range of drinkware and other Table Top services that surely will boost the food presentation while serving it to customers in restaurants or at home. At our online store, you can easily purchase all Thunder Group products & accessories at a reasonable price.

Thunder Group Products

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