THE PLANT BASE Australia stands out for the quality and safety of its products that formulated only based on natural plants and certified organic ingredients. The Plant Base seeks the perfect union between beauty and health, based on the energy and vitality of plants, also creating formulations free of harmful components, without neglecting technology.

Summer is a season when there are many obstacles to skincare, such as UV and sweat. As a result, many suffer from skincare. Not only summers but winters somehow also bring such difficulties for skincare.  There is a growing trend to moisturise the skin and improve wrinkles and whitening with various skincare products.

Brand Overview

If you are a fan of plant-based cosmetics and certified organic ingredients, we have the perfect brand for you. Plant Base began as one of the most famous brands of natural soaps in Korea. Thanks to its commitment to research and healthy beauty, its success maintained over the years to become a firm with a wide range of products intended for every skin need.

In particular, as the presence of cosmetics in which harmful ingredients detected has revealed, the application of the product ingredients to the hair has been an essential point of skincare. As a result, various natural cosmetics that do not contain harmful ingredients are becoming popular among consumers.

Plant base is one of the first Korean cosmetic brands to enter the world's third-largest cosmetic distribution brand. Plant Base is Korea's natural cosmetics brand that has been recognised for its high-quality value.

Plant Extract Water Natural Cosmetics Brand Plant Base has been producing cosmetics for skin health based on plant extract water and organic ingredients. Based on safe and effective ingredients and technology, the brand export eight lines and 45 products to 100 stores in 10 countries.

What makes this brand different?

Mainly its water-free formulas as the main ingredient. While most brands include the above as the first ingredient on their list, The Plant Base is committed to planting extracts or plant origin in a high percentage, so that in each choice you can feel all the benefits of nature in your skin.

Along with the above, the company declares itself free from animal cruelty, to make everything from the creation process to your experience, something utterly respectful of the environment.

The Plant Base Products, Foams & Serums

Serum with more than 70% ceramides derived from rice water, perfect to strengthen the protective barrier of your skin. If your skin is dry or damaged, with eczema or acne scars, this product will restore all vitality, being able to show a much livelier, bright, and radiant skin.

A serum formulated with 76% fungal extracts that stimulate collagen production and help visibly reduce expression lines. The perfect step for all skin types, and an anti-age ally that relieves those irritated or stressed faces.

Serum enriched with 100% hyaluronic acid, perfect for combating dehydration or dry patches of your skin. Ideal for dry or dehydrated skin. Maximum hydration, firmness, and smoothness in a single product.

Pore N Clear Foam:

Cleaning foam formulated with AHA, BHA, and lotus flower extract. What you need to effectively remove impurities that clog pores and excess sebum accumulated in your skin.

A creamy foam, perfectly soft, formulated with AHA, BHA, and lotus flower extract does exist, and is called Pore N Clear Foam!

Created to effectively clean the impurities that clog pores, remove excess sebum accumulated in your skin, and help treat the annoying black and white spots on your face. Without a doubt, the perfect ally for oily or problematic skin.

Pore N Turn-Over 28 ABA Toner:

Balancing tonic formulated with 79.42% antimicrobial tannins, galactomyces ferments and an AHA and BHA complex, ideal for regulating excess sebum, removing dead skin cells, and treating the annoying black and white dots.

Its patented ingredient under the name of EVERMAT, promises to reduce the appearance of your pores and regulate skin oil levels. While INFLAX is responsible for delivering all the antioxidant power from botanical extracts for softening and protect your face. It does not contain parabens, fragrances, or artificial colours.

Pore N Tightening Essence:

Essence enriched with 45.34% tannin extract and a complex of 7 vitamins, perfect for nourishing, controlling sebum, and improving the appearance of your pores. If you are looking to add to your routine an essence with multiple benefits of rapid absorption and free of heaviness, this can be a great option!

Pore N Tightening Essence is all you need to improve the appearance of pores, control sebum overproduction, moisturise, and improve skin elasticity. With its formula enriched with 45.34% of tannin extract and EVERMAT, patented ingredient for sebum and pore control, you can wear a much softer face.

Buy Plant Base Products Online

We have mentioned multiple products of the brand that are the top-rated and well-known products in the market. If you are Self-conscious regarding your health and beauty, then make sure to try the products of this brand.

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