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User Terms:

Our website (Paylessdeal.com.au) enables users to access hundreds of thousands of products from a plethora of brands, online stores, and retailers across Australia.

  • Any user whether he/she is in Australia or any other part of the world can use our website for his/her personal use. We do not allow anyone to use our site commercially as it is strictly prohibited and we have a right to take action legally against any company or person who uses PayLessDeal commercially or in any manner which is unauthorized. 
  • The unauthorized use includes other stores or companies checking and comparing their products’ prices against the products mentioned in our site, breach of copyright and others.
  • We do not allow our customers to do anything which is harmful and leaves an impact on the security of our site or any material or information stored within it.
  • Without getting our written permission, you wouldn’t be allowed to operate any link to our website. And most important of all, any such permission will be canceled without giving any notice and we have a right to require you to remove any of your link with immediate effects.

Retailer Terms:

PayLessDeal contains an extensive amount of links to the other sites i.e. e-commerce stores and retailers as we are linked to the affiliate marketing. All the links on our site enable users to leave our site and visit the website of actual product or service to get your order done. Please note that we are not responsible for the content, terms and conditions and privacy policy of such websites.

Moreover, beware of cookies used by such websites you visit through a link from PayLessDeal. The information relating to your PC or browser may be accessible by a 3rd party. We wouldn’t be responsible for any damage or loss happens by clicking on a link given in our any content. You will be liable for your own decisions you make. In short, whatever happens, is entirely your responsibility.

Commenting on PayLessDeal

PayLessDeal for its valued users and merchants has a dedicated area where videos, text, music, links, photographs and other material can be commented. Only related video, text, photographs or data to the PayLessDeal will be published. 


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