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A fashion designer Ted Lapidus founded this brand back in 1951 and interestingly, he was the first to popularise fashion such as “Uniform Look” and “Saharienne.”  The Jacques Bogart Group acquired the company in 1998. Since then, Ted Lapidus SA has been directing and maintaining continuity with the brand's growth by holders of licenses (ready to wear, watch, fragrance, clothing, etc.).

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Ted Lapidus Rumba Passion 100ml EDT L SP


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As of now, not only Ted Lapidus in Australia but throughout the world is offering a distinct unisex style that got huge popularity back in the 1960s. Safari themes and revolutionary features such as shoulder blades on the shoulders were typically depicted in Lapidus's designs. He is generally remembered for having contributed to the popularisation of blue jeans.

Lapidus fashions were very popular with important stars of the day, particularly with Brigitte Bardot and Beatles, Alain Delon, Twiggy and Joh Lennon. Lennon modeled the white suit on the cover of the Beatles album "Abbey Road." Out of her usual miniskirts, Lapidus convinced Twiggy to make a suit and tie. Lapidus is also notable for the use of mass-market manufacturing technology, making its modes to the average user more available.

Currently, there are more than 34 perfumes in their fragrance base at Ted Lapidus Store online. The earliest edition was produced in 1975 whereas the latest one arrived in the market in 2019. The company has collaborated with many perfumes such as Gerard Anthony, Alexandra Carlin, Pierre Bourdon, Alexandra Monet, and more.

Ted Lapidus Products

The company aims through its Ted Lapidus Sale to provide Australians the highest quality perfumes and other products at unmatched rates. They also promise to deliver all your products safely and securely at your doorstep and enjoy a wonderful online shopping experience like never before. Let’s have a look at some of the best Ted Lapidus products below:

  • Rumba Perfume for Women

Instill the luxurious Rumba fragrance into your romantic evenings. The scent, created by Ted Lapidus and launched in 1989, has since graced the hands of many women with a complex aroma that attracts attention.

  • Lapidus Cologne for Men

When you're wearing Lapidus 'bold scent for men, take the manly hand confidently. The 1987 Ted Lapidus' design house scent draws the attention of anyone who crosses your path, a bland blend of pineapple, artemisia, bergamot and juniper berries.

  • Black Soul for Men

The characteristic spicy woody composition of Black Soul for men is subtly appealing. The exquisitely complex recipe blends Chinese cedar with a specially engineered and woody exotic evergreen note of tolu, cool mint and common cinnamon spice with the sensuous musk aphrodisiac.

  • White Soul Perfume for Women

Try to enjoy the summer in the countryside with a spray of White Soul, regardless of the current season. This pleasant fragrance was created by Ted Lapidus to enhance the sunshine and fresh fruit day for any woman.

  • Rumba Passion Perfume for Women

Spread an alluring atmosphere from the fragrance house of Ted Lapidus with a spritz of Rumba Passion. This fragrance is particularly suited to a confident and powerful woman with floral notes of peach, jasmine, and rose, mixing it to create a unique fragrance that captures the feminine essence.

  • Lapidus Perfume for Women

Experience the vibrant Lapidus fragrance for women with your senses. It was launched back in 2001 by a French Fragrance and Fashion brand named Ted Lapidus. The harmonious bouquet of its bergamot combines the bergamot citrus notes with orange and freesia floral components.

  • Ted Cologne for Men

Bask in Ted's mannishly intoxicating fragrance – Ted Lapidus 'signature fragrance, first released in 1999. This thrilling fragrance is designed to demonstrate your manly and adventurous side and opens up with a sweet, spicy blend of delicious bergamot and vigorous cinnamon.

  • Alcazar Cologne for Men

The Ted Lapidus Alcazar offers exceptional warmth and is suitable for almost every occasion. Cologne. It was released in 2010. Citron, musk and little grain are the top notes. Rosemary, lavender and orange flower are present in the middle. Finally, the base has leather, bean, and white cedar extract aromas.

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