Tag Heuer’S Super Mario Smartwatch

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Watches are always an accessory which anyone you know loves. Well, we are about to experience a new pair which have made people crazy about watches and to see the combo together is what people are most excited about. If you already didn’t know Tag Heuer x Super Mario have paired up to make an incredible watch. Honestly speaking, the watch is over the water and the price rate is as well, it costs around 2,904.23 Australian Dollar, sor the most part the name of Tag Heuer and Super Mario itself gets the money. The watch is a limited edition and will be around for just a while.

The release date which has come into knowledge by Tag Heuer’s website is 15th July. However, some of the websites have released most of the specifications regarding the watch, some of which match with the previous one of Tag Heuer which was released in 2020. Well, the watch is a 45mm watch with the addition of Snapdragon Wear 3100 SoC, moreover, the storage of the watch is 1GB RAM along with, storage of 8GB. Moving on to the display, the display of the watch measures 1.39-inch with the resolution of 454×454 OLED display.

The watch has a battery of a 430 mAh with the basic accessories which are Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS and to the addition it is water resistant and also has a heart rate sensor. The body of the watch is steel made with a screen which is super hard, sapphire touch screen. The hardware does contain few touches of it being a Mario watch which are mushroom, or a star at 3. It has “M” engraved on the watch crown. It comes with two straps, which is firstly red rubber strap and second is black leather with hints of red highlights.

With respect to the product, there are four selective Mario-themed watch faces. The three symbols around the bezel are entirely of a stage following mode. A ring begins at 12 o'clock and will twist around the edge of the watch face as you draw nearer to your progression objective. As you pass the symbol boundaries at 3, 6, and 9, you'll see a proper movement play commending your progression progress, and Mario will slide down a flagpole toward the end.

Moreover, the Mario x Tag Heuer is going to be a limited edition watch and it is an expensive one but for all the crazy fans of the Mario Nintendo it’s going to be worth the wait watch for them. You could get the same qualities of the watch, as the hardware for a very lesser and not so expensive price. But the Mario Nintendo features also make the watch a more cooler and a lot more fun to have around. This is all the information known but more is yet to come when the release comes around.