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The tablets are also known as mobile computers or mobile PC. The tablets comes with various sizes and the most common tablet size is 8 inches. Tablets can perform all the functions that a computer do but lack in the connectivity ports. Computer can connect to multiple I/O devices but the tablets only have the basic I/O ports. Some common features in the tablets are front facing camera, flashlight, and microphone and GPS receiver. Tablets can be divided into different categories based on their size and functions. Some common types of tablets are slates, mini tablet, phablets, gaming tablets and hybrid tablets. Amongst all these types, mini tablets and hybrid tablets are the one that are getting popular in 2017. Mini tablets are lighter in weight and typically have the screen size of 7-8 inches. They perform the same function as the larger tablets but have lower specifications and can be used as a media device. The hybrid tablets are also known as 2-in-1 tablets because with a keyboard attachment; they can be used as a laptop. Current major names in the tablet industry include Dell, Apple and Samsung. They release numerous new models each year with advanced specifications. Tablet prices vary based on their specifications, features and screen size. Usually, mini tablets are cheaper than the hybrid tablets. The brand of the tablet also effects the price of the tablet. To compare tablets prices australia over multiple online shops, you should use the services of price comparison websites.