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Syntrax is a brand of the company SI03 Inc., which offers you innovative supplements with excellent flavor at a competitive price. Syntrax is the perfect choice for the consumer age of more than 20, who expects the best quality.

Syntrax in Australia is available in two lines, Sports & Performance and Health & Medical. But don't worry, you can find all kinds of products right from here. Here below we have enlisted-in a few stores from where you can buy any of the brand Syntrax.

Price and Availability

The company distributes its products today to more than 60 countries. It is considered a milestone in the segment for the unquestionable quality of the ingredients used in its products, and, mainly, for the incomparable taste and palatability achieved. Whereas the price of these supplements is concerned, Sytrax Price in Australia ranges from 50 to 400 AUD depending upon the size and quantity of the product.


SI03 Inc. is the manufacturer of the Syntrax brand, which in turn represents the highest quality in protein foods and nutritional supplements on the world market. Syntrax's team is made up of highly qualified researchers who have decades of experience in developing effective supplements.

Syntrax seamlessly combines scientific and medical research with advanced methods in formulating nutritional supplements for sports, ensuring that its products work the way they are designed.