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Swisse is an Australian brand which was originated by Kevin ring in a humble warehouse in Melbourne in 1969. The motive of the brand is to make people around the world healthier and happier. This vision is on the way to becoming a reality. For over 40 years, Swisse has been investing in products formulated with premium ingredients based on traditional evidence and scientific research.

Today, the brand products range from multivitamins and dietary supplements to the best sales, including sports nutrition, skin care, and functional foods. Swisse products are currently available in Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Italy, and the Netherlands, and are expected to be launched in 30 countries over the next five years.

Brand’s History

After a trip abroad in 1960 to get the latest and advanced knowledge about natural medicine, the businessman and Australian entrepreneur Kevin ring was inspired to develop his own range of herbal supplements and vitamins in Australia. Kevin has opened an organic bakery in Melbourne where he specializes in complete food and fresh bread. This is where he introduced the first product of the Swisse range-the pollen tablets were born.

In 1991, Swisse reached an important milestone with the launch of its flagship product, Swisse women's Ultivite. Formulated specifically for women and composed of premium ingredients, it has been hailed as the "Rolls Royce" of multivitamins for women. Four years later, the release of Swisse men's Ultivite strengthened the company's position as a leader in the multivitamin market. Swisse quickly expanded its presence in the vitamins and supplements industry by developing, rigorously testing, and commercializing more than 200 products to eager customers.

In 2008, Radek Sali, son of Professor Avni Sali, joined the company and brought a gradual approach to corporate culture and his extraordinary business sense, which saw him become one of the most Australia's famous. Under Radek's leadership, Swisse has become an Australian success story-a truly global brand, inspiring millions of people around the world to live healthier and happier. He led the brand to the rank of number 1 on the Australian market and guided his team in supplying a product that is now number 1 on the Chinese online market. Late in 2016, Radek made the decision to leave Swisse and leave the reins to the new General Manager, Oliver Horn. Oliver is passionate about life and promoting a healthy corporate culture and is committed to perpetuating Swisse's values. 

Where to Buy?

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