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Suunto Bike Sensor Service Kit

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Suunto Australia is currently one of the world leaders among manufacturers of sports equipment that allow measurements for people who practice sailing, diving, climbing, golf, or swimming. Suunto currently belongs to the world leaders in the production of sports watches: its extensive functionality supports the daily activities of runners, divers, mountaineering fans, skiers, and many others.

The idea of the brand is to equip both adventurers physically and mentally. Suunto smartwatches have been recognized worldwide for an intuitive system, a variety of functions, and performance that you can rely on in all conditions.

Origin of the Suunto brand

Suunto was founded in 1936 under the impulse of the Finnish engineer Tuomas Vohlonen, then orienteering champion, who patented a method of manufacturing a compass with liquid suspension whose properties of stability and precision far exceeded those traditional compasses.

Suunto, which pronounced Soon-toh, means "direction" in Finnish. Since then, the brand has developed models of high-end sports watches, diving instruments, and computers supporting the most extreme conditions.

For the record, during the Second World War, the Suunto M-311 compass saved the life of its owner, Lieutenant Norrback, a soldier in the Finnish army. Stopping the bullet that aimed at it, this saving compass carried far the reputation of the robustness of the brand.

The company contributed to equipping artillery officers, then in the 1950s, positioned itself on the market for orienteering compasses and navigation compasses. It was in 1965 that the brand took an essential turn after the discovery of a diver who found that his compass worked underwater. Twenty years later, Suunto recognized as the world leader in the manufacture of diving instruments.

Suunto watch design

The watches are a combination of modern design with practical solutions and advanced technology that allows for precise operation and reliable mechanisms responsible for measuring time. Suunto is part of the Amer Sports Corporation, which brings together world-famous sports brands.  Suunto is a brand also known for its limited collection of watches created for special occasions. You can buy a limited edition model at a cheap cost in our online store.

The watches Suunto brand produced in series designed for different sports enthusiasts and other forms of active leisure at an affordable price sale. An example of this is the T series watches, which allow you to take heart rate measurements and have the function of a personal trainer. The mechanism present in this series of watches is much more than a heart rate monitor.

It is also a device that measures the calories burned, checks the frequency of breathing, the volume of pulmonary ventilation and oxygen consumption, a low price to pay for the best in watches.

Extreme athletes should pay attention to Suunto watches from the Elementum series. They are available in three versions: Aqua, Ventus, and Terra.

Suunto Aqua - Perfect for diving enthusiasts.

They are waterproof at 200 meters and equipped with an automatic immersion mode, which activates after contact with water.

Suunto Ventus - A proposal for sailors.

All models are equipped, among others, with a barometer with a function that allows you to check the history of pressure changes.

Suunto Terra - Intended for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Thanks to devices such as a compass, an altimeter, and a barometer, they are excellent in the field.

All SuuntoElementum series models are made of corrosion-resistant steel, have a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and transparent LCD screens.

Choose the best Suunto watch

Choosing a Suunto watch for women or men is a task, regardless of its value, to which a certain amount of time should be devoted, especially in the option of distance purchase. Our offer pleases the tastes of anyone, and you will not go wrong with a Suunto watch from our online store.

Taking into account the fact that in our online store, you will find thousands of Suunto watches for women and men that are technically and aesthetically diverse when choosing them, you must take into personal account preferences.

Most women mainly guided by the widely extended aesthetics of Suunto brand watches, design, and brand color. Nor is less attention paid to whether or not the watch has a sports function. It indicates that the clock not only works as an accessory, it is also a device.

The Suunto watches for men (as a matter of choice of the opposite gender) are a device, although, of course, also takes into account the design of the model. In addition to the essential measurement of time, it must have specific functionality or meet the technical expectations of the mechanism and the materials from which it is made.

Remembering that when it comes to choosing a Suunto watch or any other brand we will find people with different preferences to those mentioned above, we try to please each client individually by listening to their comments and opinions.

Suunto – Sports Watch

The watches Suunto brand stand out from other manufacturers for its colorful history and purpose. All Suunto watches have one goal: to provide the user with a professional tool instead of an ordinary watch, and you can buy now at prices of selling affordable.

Their extraordinary durability distinguishes Suunto sports watches. It has been one of the brand's priorities since one of the Finnish officers was saved during the war thanks to a compass created by Suunto, which stopped the bullet fired by a sniper rifle.

The successes in the production of devices of navigation of the size of a watch and dive computers quickly evolved toward creating the best watches for particular purposes. Get a great economical price for this watch. Spending your money on a Suunto watch is an excellent investment.

Currently, Suunto advanced watches are best classified as professional sports watches, as well as dispatch watches. Look for our sales, bargains, and settlements if you are a good explorer. Every detail is used to provide the necessary functions during expeditions and extreme activities.

The Suunto watches have a modern design and sporty, whose essential element is the digital display, which provides easy access to advanced training software.

Depending on the category and model, Suunto sports watches have a wide range of useful functions, such as:

Of course, Suunto brand watches are equipped with a Bluetooth function, as well as with the patented Suunto Moves count application.  These additions will allow very convenient use of all the comforts of our smartphone and will allow us to share our activities even in real-time. The advanced Suunto watches are, therefore, a proposal for all lovers of extreme challenges to the outdoors.

Buy Suunto Products Online

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