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The Stumpjumper Australia is an immortal classic Bike which was the first mass-produced mountain bike in history, so it helped popularise mountain bikes around the world. Also, Stumpjumper has written some golden pages in the history of this sport. For example, in 1990, it became the first carbon fibre bike to win the Mountain Bike World Championship.

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Almost forty-five years ago, the first version of the Stumpjumper family was released. Since then, the StumpJumper Australia has made this model its primary reference in the trail bike segment. The following generations went on to polish details, incorporate technological advances of all kinds, and consolidate their reference position among cyclists.

Today's Stumpjumper Australia is still one of the most representative brands, although over time it has undergone significant upgrades to stay at the forefront of the trail and mountain segment. A very manageable trail bike with excellent energy transfer, it remains a top choice for those who are comfortable on steep tracks and trap-ridden slopes.

Stumpjumper – History

Sinyard is, at that time, a cycling enthusiast who sells his Volkswagen van to finance a bicycle trip to Europe. During that trip, Sinyard begins to establish the first foundations of his company and decides to buy components of Italian brands, such as forks or handlebars and begins to import them to the United States, where they were then somewhat complicated to find.

Brand Logo

1981 is a significant year in the history of StumpJumper. The company produces its first two bicycles, the Allez, a road model, and the Sequoia, a more bicycle-focused model. Besides, frame builder Tim Neenan is hired, who is entrusted with the design and construction of a frame intended for mountain use, and which could also be produced in series.

From this order the mythical Stumpjumper is born, the first mountain bike of the brand, which is considered one of the standards and that today continues to be one of the most successful models of the American brand.

In 1989, the Specialized Epic, the second mass production of mountain bikes in the world made of carbon fibre, is presented. At the beginning of the 90s, he introduced the Globe urban bicycle line into his catalogue, which later, in 2009, was subject to a significant revival, so much so that it became a brand of its own.

Stumpjumper – A Journey to Success

Forty-Five years ago, Specialized Founder and President Mike Sinyard started the company with three things - passion for riding, entrepreneurial spirit and a good partnership with bike shops. Since then, these three elements have been the cornerstones of each successful specialised brand achievement.

We can say that Mike Sinyard started Specialized by chance. He was a young bike enthusiast who loved to ride. In 1974, motivated by his love of bicycles, Mike sold his van to finance a tour of Europe on his bike.

He rode from north to south, and while staying at a hostel in Italy, he met a lady who had contact with the famous component manufacturer, Cino Cinelli. Sniffing for a business opportunity, he convinced her to get a date with Cinelli. He arranged the meeting and at the meeting proposed to be the importer and representative of the brand in the USA.

With the deal closed, Mike returned to California and visited several stores in the San Francisco area pedalling and taking prepaid orders from Italian components.

Upon receiving the goods, he returned to visit the stores to deliver the orders, loading the pieces in a cart pulled by him on the bicycle. Without the trust and partnership of these tenants, Specialized would never have taken off.

StumpJumper – Brand Timeline Overview

After this great start, a series of events in the company's history changed the sport and the market forever. Following is the arranged timeline of StumpJumper Australia Year by Year progress and innovation in the Bicycle Sports. The Timeline is as follows:

  • 1976 - Introduction of a bicycle tire line.
  • 1981 - Introduction of Stumpjumper, the first mass-produced mountain bike to be offered at bike shops. At the same time, the company launches Allez (road) and Sequoia (bicycle tourism).
  • 1983 - Specialized forms the first professional MTB team.
  • 1984 - Launch of the legendary MTB - Ground Control tire.
  • 1989 - Launch of the primary composite aerodynamic wheel through a partnership with DuPont.
  • 1990 - Introduction of the new aluminium alloy M2 – Metal Matrix. Ned Overend wins the first MTB World Championship in Durango, Colorado.
  • 1993 - Launch of FSR, the most advanced full suspension of the time.
  • 1994 - Launch of Epic Ultimate, a frame for carbon titanium MTB.
  • 1996 - Organization of the Specialized Cactus Cup Global Championship, with stages in Brazil, France and Japan.
  • 1999 - Evolution of aluminium alloy M2 to M4. More resistant and with mechanical properties that allowed to build lighter frames. Introduction of Body Geometry saddle clinically tested to increase blood flow in the perineum region, avoiding complications in the male genitalia.
  • 2000 - Introduction of patented Body Geometry shoe technology and a new road frame aluminium alloy, the E5.
  • 2002 - Mario Cipollini wins the World Cycling Championship by riding a Sworks Aerotec E5. The revolutionary Epic Full Suspension is launched with its innovative and unique shock absorber, Brain. The M4 alloy evolves into M5, thanks to the success achieved with the E5 alloy in road frames.
  • 2003 - Filip Meirhaeghe wins the World Cup stage in Ft.William, England with an Epic introduction of new bicycle families - Tarmac (carbon and aluminium), Roubaix, Stumpjumper FSR.
  • 2004 - Introduction of Adaptalite technology, which adjusts the colour of the lens of the glasses according to the incidence of UV rays in less than 20 seconds. Evolution of saddles, with Body Geometry technology and with the introduction of 3 different widths is for the better adjustment of the seat of the riders. For this, a tool was created where the rider sits to measure the width of the ischemic bones (those where we sit), and Tarmac line gets a model entirely in carbon.
  • 2005 - New Decibel helmet, super ventilated and with carbon fibre reinforcements in its structure the New Enduro with a completely redesigned frame manufactured. New FSR XC, Stumpjumper FSR's cousin with similar performance comes at an attractive price.
  • 2006 - Specialized threat of pursuit the Mountain Cycle of Portland. The reason: the release of a cyclocross bike that bears a name too close to Stumpjumper, the Stumptown.
  • 2011 - The brand threatens Epic Wheel Works for the same reason (intellectual property). This time, it's because of the EPIC name, owned by Specialized. Epic Wheel Works, the wheel manufacturer in Oregon, have to change its name.
  • 2013 - It is the turn of the episode best known. The brand asked bike shop owner Café Roubaix (in Alberta) to change its name because he was using a name belonging to Specialized (the final property of AS).
  • 2015 - Specialized MTB Catalogue. The year 2015 represents another year of changes for Specialized. The brand begins to develop and adapt its most famous models to 27.5-inches wheels.

Stumpjumper's best selling models

Specialized Stumpjumper Australia has models for sale of MTB, road, multi-use, and street. There are so many options that it would be difficult not to find a model that did not meet your expectations. Even so, here we are going to talk about the four best-selling Mountain Bike models and that succeed every year with their new editions.

Specialized Epic

The Epic is the flagship bike of Specialized. Twenty-nine inches capable of getting all kinds of awards and whose FSR suspension system and Brain technology makes you can practically feel the road under your pedals. It is a perfect option for anyone who has been on the Mountain Bike for a while and wants to move to a higher level.

Specialized Stumpjumper

Fast, efficient, lightweight with aluminium and carbon models, it is a very aggressive bike and prepared for speed, with which you can leave anyone behind. Thanks to the excellent geometry designed by the specialised Stumpjumper experts. Besides, like the other models, it is fully prepared for the practice of CX and any other type of Mountain Bike.

Specialise Hardrock

The Hardrock is the versatility made by bicycle since it could be perfect for anyone who starts in the world of Mountain Bike as for those who already have a few thousand miles on the bike. Composed of a light frame and a practically perfect geometry, it manages to provide excellent performance and make one of the best selling of the famous MTB brand.

Specialized Rockhopper

It is a perfect bike for the intermediate level and will be the best option for those who want to buy a good MTB bike without leaving all the salary on it. An excellent A1 aluminium frame, hydraulic disc brakes, 2 × 10 EVO changes and all its options make it a practically perfect model at a very competitive price.

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