Many individuals prefer to grow muscle and enhance their physiques at the gym, but with the right equipment, you can achieve your ideal body in the comfort of your own home. You will surely find a massive assortment of Strength Equipment in Australia that will help you gain muscle mass and therefore, on this page, we have provided you with a thorough guide to all of the strength equipment available on the market. So, let's have a look!


The ideal method to begin your strength training program is to get a pair of dumbbells, which will allow you to execute a variety of exercises that will not only work your arms but also a variety of other muscle groups. A set of 20kg dumbbells is more than enough, to begin with, and most of them will come with a training program that includes as many as 30 different exercises. As a result, in no time at all, you'll be able to build muscle mass and general strength.

EZ Bars

When practicing bicep curls or triceps extensions, for example, EZ bars are identical to barbells except that they feature bends in the center that allow you to adopt a more grippy rubber. As a result, you can lift the same amount of weight as you do with a barbell while putting far less pressure on your wrists, reducing the likelihood of soreness or discomfort. At the gym, you'll normally find racks full of EZ bars in various weights, but if you're working out at home, you'll want to get an adjustable EZ bar that you can add weights to if necessary.

Weight Benches

While looking for Strength Equipment Online in Australia, it's a great idea to consider buying weight or exercise benches that are sometimes referred to as exceptionally simple strength training equipment. However, they are marvellously useful as they allow you to perform different activities such as leg extensions, bench presses, shoulder presses, and a lot of other exercises.


In addition to purchasing a set of dumbbells, you should consider purchasing a barbell, which can accept greater weights and allows you to execute three of the greatest and most effective exercises available - the deadlift, squat, and bench press. You can still do these exercises with dumbbells, but you can go a lot heavier with a barbell, and you can always add your own weight plates as you grow stronger.


Kettlebells are typically composed of cast iron or cast steel and come with their own handles, allowing you to do a variety of workouts with them. They're great for strength and conditioning, and they'll also offer you great aerobic exercise. Many kettlebell exercises, like the goblet squat, can train many muscular groups at once, and will help strengthen your arms, shoulders, legs, and back in particular. You can work your entire body with one of these kettlebells if you do a number of various routines.

How Much Do They Cost?

When it comes to Strength Equipment Prices in Australia, you should expect to pay between AUD 25 to AUD 399, which depends on the type of workout machine you prefer. Finding the preferred products at unbeatable prices online in Australia isn't difficult because many online distributors and merchants provide a variety of discounts, offers, and promotions.

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