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Steiner SkyHawk 40 8x42

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Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 8X22...

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Steiner 8x44 Wildlife XP

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Steiner SkyHawk 40 8x42 Binocu...

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Steiner Safari 8x25mm Ultrasha...

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Steiner Robust Flotation Strap

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Steiner SkyHawk 40 8X32

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STEINER Australia optical instruments are convenient for use in the marine segment, for hunting, observing nature, animals and birds, as well as for outdoor activities. All STEINER Australia binoculars and sights are equipped with the highest-class optics, thanks to which each user can achieve maximum efficiency under the field of application.

This efficiency is achieved because these binoculars are designed, assembled, and tested with the participation of experienced users who put them into practice — optimum visibility guaranteed in any weather. In the production of all lenses and prisms, high-precision technologies and a special coating are used. You get a bright image with high contrast and natural colour reproduction.

STEINER – Brand History & Overview

1950 - 1970 | Expansion

Despite the difficult economic post-war situation, In 6 years, a new, innovative company has evolved from a one-person factory to a company with more than 50 workers. Karl STEINER soon realise that the basis for the company's prosperous future is the production of high-quality professional binoculars. This revolutionary idea certainly sets high standards in the industry, and soon STEINER-OPTICS becomes the world's leading optical manufacturer.

In 1967, STEINER introduced the high-tech Makrolon, a material used in the space industry. The revolutionary use of polycarbonate reinforced with this material has made STEINER binoculars more durable, compact, lightweight, and very resistant to bumps and scratches. More durable than ever, STEINER binoculars are designed for long life in harsh environments.

1979 | New generation

In 1973, Karl resigned, and his son Carl STEINER continued to run a family business. Putting his whole soul into the further development of his father’s business, Carl STEINER strengthens the position of the company, and STEINER-OPTIC becomes the world's leading specialist in the production of binoculars. From the very beginning, STEINER’s core business has focused on creating new optical technologies.

STEINER Australia developed many fundamental innovations; they also set the standard for future developments. In 1973, Carl STEINER continued the era of outstanding new ideas and introduced the world's first compressed nitrogen-filled binoculars on the market. STEINER’s new compressed nitrogen filling system completely prevents fogging at temperatures from -40 ° C to - 80 ° C.

1978 - 1989 | Key innovations

1978 marks another STEINER innovation: the world's first binocular with an integrated compass! STEINER Australia is not just the first company to introduce binoculars with a compass, and they now offer the most massive compass integrated into the binoculars. HD stabilisation for vibrations or fast movement, an integrated illuminator, integrated crosshairs, and a significant compass ensure accurate and accurate direction even in poor light and weather conditions.

STEINER Australia quality innovations include a very durable rubber coating, pocket-sized binoculars, and a special STEINER lens coating to enhance background contrast. And since 1985, the STEINER 2-way valve system provides easy access to check and replenish all STEINER binoculars with a compressed nitrogen filling system even after years of use.

1990 - 1999 | Safari, Rocky, and WildLife Series

In 1990, the new STEINER brand Safari series became a bestseller for the travel, leisure, and entertainment industries.

Five years later, STEINER Australia repeats this, introducing a new brand - the Rocky series. In 1999, STEINER, together with Reinhold Messner, designed Wildlife binoculars: the modern series - durable binoculars, the perfect choice for fans of outdoor activities!

2001 - 2002 | STEINER Launches Four More Bestsellers

The year 2001, and STEINER is preparing to turn night time into daylight with the magnificent Nighthunter series. High-class, high-precision optics, sporadic light transmission, and maximum reduction of extraneous light henceforth guarantee perfect visions in almost impossible lighting conditions for this. The famous Nighthunter coating allows you to see the “invisible” - more clearly, clearly and vividly than ever!

In 2002, binoculars launched another bestseller: Commander V. STEINER’s impressive product is revolutionising the standard again. The high-quality tried and tested STEINER product, created by several of the most talented engineers in close collaboration with the best professional athletes.

With the new Commander V, STEINER not only re-introduced the revolutionary development but also achieved technological and functional values that were previously unattainable in the production of professional binoculars for water sports. Commander V is designed for water sports professionals.

Moreover, STEINER presents the new Ranger series: designed for the specific needs of hunters and created using the knowledge gained through years of research and the production of military binoculars. STEINER also ends 2002 with another big surprise: the new Admiral Gold! The best STEINER product is an outstanding technical masterpiece, a real collector's item made to order and in limited quantities!

The uniqueness of Admiral Gold is strongly linked to the philosophy of the exclusive and unrivalled quality standard STEINER. STEINER Australia achieves this with a careful approach and care: Admiral Gold will be delivered in a mahogany box with a serial number, certificate, and engraved name.

2002 - 2003 | Revolutionary Nighthunter XP and Wildlife XP Series

In 2003, the sensational, best-selling Nighthunter series, which makes up the essential equipment of any hunter, was further optimised and created by the best opticians and binoculars in the world. The talent of these experts, the valuable opinions of professional hunters, intensive research, and testing by customers allowed STEINER to design hunting binoculars with even better match the unique needs of hunters! New Nighthunter XP binoculars provide the hunter with a wide range of unique advantages in any hunting and observation environment! They received an award from leading magazines for outstanding optical performance.

Better than usual, stronger than usual: To ensure the highest level of quality optics technology, STEINER Australia also optimises the popular Safari and Navigator series with new models. With the Wildlife-Pro series, STEINER is once again setting a new benchmark in nature and bird watching. The best features, such as high-contrast professional optics, guarantee the most natural colour reproduction and the most vivid images in low light and bright sunlight.

2003 | Discover everything down to the smallest detail

With the launch of the new STEINER series, it fulfils the cherished desire of customers: excellent quality at a low price! As a professional marine binocular at the lowest price, Skipper offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio and is ideal as a binocular for beginners. Outstanding technical characteristics and reliable practicality make these binoculars the new favourite companion at sea and on land. Countless positive reviews from satisfied customers reinforce the quality of the STEINER brand.

Continuing to innovate, STEINER introduces the new Observer series, farsighted binoculars, for demanding tasks. With the new Observer STEINER series, observe the action to the smallest detail! Thanks to STEINER's proven quality, the two Observer models provide superior optical performance. They are designed to monitor distant objects, designed for the most severe conditions of use.

2004 | Not only observation but also nature conservation!

Superior performance, small enough to fit in your pocket: with the new Wildlife STEINER models offer unusually lightweight binoculars when it comes to observing wildlife and exploring the area. Multifunctionality, compact design, and ease of use: the combination of lightweight and increase makes the Wildlife XXS series an ideal companion for tourism and travel. Thanks to these unique features, the new Wildlife models are quickly becoming the preferred choice for outdoor enthusiasts!

In 2004, STEINER achieved another goal in its mission: binoculars sign a long-term cooperation agreement with two partners for a target project in Ecuador. Another innovative activity from STEINER and confirmation of our love, respect, and support for nature! On top of that, STEINER is starting to support the Wadden Sea environmental protection project in collaboration with the Schutzstation Wattenmeer conservation association.

2005 | Customer loyalty bonus

STEINER binoculars are inspired by a constant passion: a passion for the pursuit of excellence and maximum performance. Countless positive reviews from satisfied customers reinforce the quality of the STEINER brand. The secret to this success is the company's attitude towards its products. Binoculars are not just part of the STEINER business; they are the core of the STEINER business!

2005 STEINER OPTICS proudly celebrates the 25th anniversary of the success of Commander, a true classic for water sports professionals. Thanks to the tremendous success of Commander, STEINER rewards its customers in a particular way, which helped make Commander a world-famous marine binocular. That's why STEINER is introducing the Commander's new anniversary edition, designed for genuinely dedicated fans. As a unique bonus for customer loyalty, STEINER also offers a special limited edition of the popular Nighthunter! With superb features, these special anniversaries provide great value and lower prices!

At the end of 2005, STEINER launches the new SkyHawk series and sets a new benchmark in bird watching. Binoculars are created in close collaboration with professional ornithologists for the specific needs of ornithologists. SkyHawk models delight customers with excellent performance over a long comfortable observation and value for money!

2006 | Innovation created from tradition

Today, STEINER is a world leader in the production of high-quality marine and hunting binoculars, binoculars for outdoor activities. Designed for the toughest situations, the high-tech optics, and convenience of sports auto-focus are just some of the unrivalled qualities that make STEINER binoculars preferred by customers around the world. Professional hunters, captains, boat owners, travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, poultry breeders, and nature lovers all over the world trust STEINER quality, the latest optical technology, accurate processing, and the fact that all of our binoculars are subject to rigorous testing by the US Armed Forces.

Always devoted to the traditions on which his father founded the company, Carl STEINER adheres to his views on quality, intending to preserve the production location in Germany, creating new jobs and career opportunities for his employees, qualified sales staff training and constant investment in research and development. STEINER sells its best products in most markets in Europe, Asia, and America. One of the reasons is that the world leader in the production of professional binoculars offers reliability and quality of a level that competitors in Europe cannot match.

Regarding product management, STEINER is in constant contact with customers. It provides 100% focus and specialisation on product development and ensures that every STEINER binocular represents the best quality. STEINER will continue to provide the highest level of technology with high-quality optics - more durable than ever for a long term reliable operation!

2007 | 100% development of specialised products

The worldwide success of STEINER binoculars in 2007 is an expression of our ambition to seek excellence in everything we produce. What our customers love the most is related to their particular area of application. They expect to experience more, to be inspired again by their passion. We believe that we can fully support our customers with our binoculars. It leads to 100% development of specialised products with full focus and ensures that every STEINER binocular represents the best quality.

In 2007, the legendary Nighthunter XP series was improved. The new Nighthunter XP 8x44 binoculars offer up to 25% more exit pupil surface than competitors. As the first hunting binoculars in this line, the new NighthunterXP 8x44 for ambush hunting is equipped with a convenient balance system. Never before have professional binoculars been so practical and easy to use.

Optics manufactured in Germany has a world-renowned reputation for innovation and excellence. STEINER celebrated its 60th anniversary and introduced two completely new features in the Discovery range. A double sharpening setting allows the user to adjust the focus for each eye individually, which in turn provides a new standard in clear viewing, while the distance control system will enable you to preset the focus before starting the view.

As part of a successful multi-channel concept, STEINER wants to continue expanding its activities at the global level along with the intensification of b2b segments and e-concepts. STEINER will continue to search for excellence in every binocular: excellent value for our customers; binoculars from which our customers benefit.

2008 | STEINER becomes part of the Beretta Holding Group

In September 2008, STEINER became part of the Beretta Holding Group, controlled by the BERETTA association, and the group is represented by key manufacturers of the industry and weapons and optics, as well as commercial companies and distribution companies in Italy and internationally.

2009 – 2016

In 2009, STEINER Australia launched its first Steiner binocular Scope with Laser RangeFinder for the Military and Special Forces. In 2012, STEINER manufactured the rifle scope specially designed to compete for the extreme conditions for Military and Special forces. For hunting as well, this Riflescope is beneficial because of its robust design, and ultimate performance.

Commander Global, the first compass for the everyday use, hits the market in 2013 and gone viral. In 2014, STEINER Australia released its first combat sight with integrated Laser RangeFinder. To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of STEINER, the brand designed a unique series of hunting riflescope that was named as STEINER Nighthunter 70 Years Edition.


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Strong robustness, high precision optical quality, durable products are the STEINER trademark. Based on state-of-the-art know-how and technology, STEINER binoculars Australia is a world reference in visual performance.


Once the trophy is in sight, nothing can stop you anymore. Steiner delivers not only images of remarkable sharpness, but also optics that withstand the harshest conditions: that light is weak or intensive reverberation, in the cold, in case of violent landslides or sandstorms. Visibility is always perfect and safe. Even after countless hunts, Steiner binoculars are still ready and want more, just like you.


You only go through this point once. Make sure you see everything correctly: all the colour and contrast, every detail with all the depth and sharpness, thanks to the construction and first-class optical technology that only STEINER Australia offers for the sake of adventure. Each hike, cruise, outing, and event brings with it its unforgettable moments. Get the most out of it with the best possible companion: the STEINER Outdoor binoculars.


The sea is more than just water on the surface of the planet, and it's an entirely different world. It is distinguished by its mornings in dense fog, its afternoons in the dazzling sun swept by salt spray, and it's black nights like ink. An ever-changing environment, extreme temperature variations, distances that challenge human perceptions.

Steiner's marine optical systems address the challenges of this world: they are waterproof, corrosion-resistant; the visibility is always superb, and they are provided with special coatings. The construction and technical characteristics meet all the specific requirements of marine activities.


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