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Your sound system is nothing without having a good pair of speakers and if you have speaker stands, you can get better safety as well as performance with ease. However, very much like any other component in your sound system, it’s too mandatory to perform research carefully when it comes to choosing Speaker Stands in Australia. A variety of factors, including the base, feet, plat construction, and material, are among the most important things to consider before purchasing.

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Avoiding some factors While purchasing speaker stands online may affect more than just aesthetics, it is likely that you will end up purchasing a stand for which you have no need. Therefore, read on and learn a number of considerations when looking for a new speaker stand.


One of the most basic considerations when looking for Speaker Stands Online in Australia is the actual weight and its rating. Does your selected stand can easily manage the weight of a speaker? In case not, it obviously means that it wouldn’t be stable enough when you put your speaker on it. For the weight of your speaker, many manufacturers recommend a pair of stands, which does not indicate that they will be as stable as you like. You need to think of more than a simple weight assessment if you have children or pets at home.

Construction Material

Wood material stands are considered Best Budget Speaker Stands whereas stands made of steel may cost a bit more. However, both are equipped with many advantages – for instance, wood stands are very much affordable but don’t hold a lot of weight and get damaged with ease. Steel stands, on the other hand, are solid enough and more durable but may leave a solid dent in your wallet.

Cable Management

The wiring of the speaker can either be concealed or shown. Both hardwood and stainless steel can provide hidden cable channels, but care must be taken to ensure that the cable fits through the channels. With tiny steel stands, this is particularly critical.

Feet & Base

When it comes to the base or feet of speaker stands, you’ll find two feet – spikes or rubber pads that are generally available on the stands. On solid surfaces, rubber pads should be used, whilst on the carpet, spikes should be utilised. The spikes penetrate the carpet and pad straight to the underlying floor. Try to identify stands with 3rd-party wheels if you are particularly worried about stability.

Speaker Stands Prices

One should expect to spend AU$200 or more for a speaker stand from a well-recognised brand – but on average, Speaker Stands Prices in Australia range between 25 to 99 AUD. You can shop for a required speaker stand for your sound system from one of the finest online stores at the best possible prices – thanks to Paylessdeal. We have listed above a plethora of Australian stores together with Amazon here on this page, offering speaker stands at different prices. So, it’s much easier to compare the prices and buy one from one of your favourite online stores at unmatched rates.