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South Bend Australia is a brand for fishing lovers that offers Rods, Reels, Combos, terminal tackle, tools and other accessories of best quality for optimal performance. South Bend is not a single brand working in the lure and bait market, and it also has other brands such as Ready 2 Fish, Mudville Catmaster, Blaze Lures, and Ultrafight Tackle. All these brand devoted to providing the best Lures and other accessories.

Brand overview

The brand came into existence in 1895 in Indiana, now it’s been more than 100 years, yet the South Bend Australia is the leading brand in Bait market manufacturing the high-quality baits and lures. The company started with the Oreno lures, developed the first minnow-shaped lure with bass and trout sizes, which luckily become the Triumph card for the South Bend. The Oreno Family collection includes Bass-Oreno, Pike-Oreno, Surf-Oreno, Trout-Oreno, and other lures that the brand produced since in1960.

South Bend made its way to the Bamboo fly rod market and purchased Cross Rod Company in 1926. Unfortunately, in 1958, South Bend was sold, but still, it continued to develop the best-quality rods and lures.

South Bend Tools & Equipment

The company did not limit itself to only Fishing Lures and Rods, but it also focuses on the other necessary items and accessories requires for fishing. The brand develops Bells, Nets, Traps, Baskets, Clothing Accessories, Knives, Scalers, Rods, Reel Care, Stringers, Scales & measures, Rod Holders, Tackle Boxes, Bags, and other tools.

South Bend Fishing Lures

The best-known types of fishing lures by the South Bend are listed below:

The main characteristic of these fishing lures is that, as the name implies, they got closer to the surface or even on the surface, it follows that we will have them in sight almost all the time and we can see how it behaves with our crane movements

In jigging fishing, we can highlight three types of lures. The conventional jigs, consisting of fishing lures metal, Led with different weights.

Besides, with different colours and in two sizes, the lengths that are more stylized and that deepen rapidly due to the little friction they have with the medium. In the shorts, their highest weight is usually in the centre, and they are plumper, and they also exist with a variety of weights and colours.

They are catalogued as surface fishing lures, but we dedicate these lines to them because it is a very particular type of bait. Without a doubt, the goal is to imitate an injured fish with an erratic movement. As the surface lure, it is, the moment of the dive is the most exciting and fun. Since being on the surface, you can see the predator correctly when it attacks the lure and even out of the water.

The Jibioneras Or Little Birds

This type of fishing lure is specialized for fishing cephalopods such as squids, octopuses, and cuttlefish or cuttlefish. A body forms them in the form of a fish or shrimp that, in its rear part, is armed with one or two crowns of metal spikes in which, when hugging them with their tentacles, the cephalopods will hook.

Articulated Lures

These types of fishing lures move more gradually, unlike the other types of lures, but are capable of performing a much more realistic movement. However, these do not mimic an injured fish, but one that is swimming.

They have several sections joined together, forming the joints, have a variety of shapes, and are usually made of flexible plastic. It makes them very striking and attractive to predators.

South Bend Fishing Rods

Fishing is considered by many to be one of the oldest activities on the planet, where its history comes from the moment when the primate family acquired the ability to make tools. The hook is one of the first utensils created by the human being; because archaeologists in their searches have found a series of instruments, produced of bones.

When we talk about components, we refer to how this magnificent instrument is made, which is why we find in the list:

The cane: It is the central rod that is made or manufactured in different types of material, such as bamboo, wood, fibreglass, carbon, among others.

The rings: This component has given the evolution in the designs. They are made mainly of metal and serve to eliminate abrasion or rubbing with the cane during the casting lures.

The handle: It mainly made of cork or compressed neoprene foam to give grip to the rod and, in turn, generate comfort to the fisherman.

With all these superb qualities needed in the fishing rod, the brand offers and manufactures the top-class fishing rods that deliver the optimal performance and long-lasting life. So, without any doubts, you can go for South Bend Fishing rods because of their build-quality.

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