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Solognac Australia presents every season an insignificant amount of new garments and products designed to meet the needs of the hunter, placing three primary objectives in its design and manufacture: making the practice of hunting safer, making its practice more accessible and having a more robust product.

For the 2018-2019 hunting season, they have presented 160 new products, increasingly complete, that cover all natures: textiles, footwear, ammunition, accessories and an extensive collection of women's products stands out.

Solognac, its hunting and sports shooting brand, is made up of engineers, designers and product managers, a team with professional & experienced hunters. Creating and offering hunting products designed by hunters allows Solognac to integrate into the sets used in hunting, both major and minor, available at our online store.

Hunting modalities

In the process of specialisation of Solognac products - one of the aspects, together with the prices, that make them so attractive has been diversified in recent years to meet more hunting modalities. The division between big and small game is patent. Still, these are subdivided, in addition to coming into play the full range of products intended for more specific hunting modalities, such as migratory or aquatic hunting.

Solognac – woman

Solognac and Decathlon are committed to differentiate themselves in the world of hunting through specialisation, the commitment to safety in their practice, and offering a quality of their products at undeniable prices.

The range of products offered by the Women's Range consists of two jackets (the Super track Fluo raincoat and the 500 brown raincoat),the 500 brown softshell, four pants models (the 500 brown overcoat, the waterproof Super track 500 and the Warm 500 camouflage),the 500 brown reversible vest / fluorescent camouflage, and the 500 felt hat.

The 500 jackets of this feminine range all have a rear backpack for the transport of the pieces, and the pants have protection on the bottom of the leg to protect from rubbing with the vegetation, in addition to a buckle to hook with the boot.

The garments of this female hunting range are optimised for the countenance of women and allow greater comfort when practising hunting.

Buy Solognac Products Online

To satisfy more hunters every time, from the initiation level to the expert, Solognac distributes its catalogue in several blocks, such as small game (plain, forest),big game (whipped, roost) and migratory birds.

In this way, they are even more pointers in each practice to propose the best products. In short, all types of products that an amateur may need (accessories, footwear, Clothes, ammunition) work to offer complete and exclusive equipment for each hunter.

Find and Buy Solognac Products Online at our online store, as we have a wide range of catalogue and a different variety of products such as Footwear, Gears, Shoes, Ammunition, and other accessories at the lower and cheap price tag. Make your hunting season more memorable this year with Solognac Products and Equipment.