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Smartphones have become one of the most used electronic devices nowadays. The total number of mobile phone users has been reached to over 2.5 billion worldwide, and it is expected to pass the 6 billion mark by 2020. There are over 20 million mobile users active in Australia alone. They are just like minicomputers in your hand. From simple calculations to complex tasks, address finding, web browsing, email handling, word documenting, music listening & video watching, book reading, photo sharing, you can do all efficiently with these small electronic devices. Latest mobile devices provide even some advanced features such as GPS tracking, online shopping, bill payment, etc. Mobile phones can be categorised as three broad categories regarding to operating system; Android, iOS, and windows. IOS phones are specifically designed by Apple. Most recent Nokia cell phones are windows based. Android mobile phones offer you to download and install millions of apps from Google play. If you want to buy any latest android, windows, or Apple mobile phone, the best and most convenient way is to go online and compare smartphone prices and their features. At Paylessdeal, you can shop all the popular and featured Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nokia Lumia, Apple iPhones and unlocked smartphones from the leading brands. It is one of the top Australian smartphone price comparison sites, which make your smartphone selection easy. Here, you can review any smartphone that you want to buy.