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An underwear brand “Sloggi” is manufactured by Triumph International which was founded back in 1886 in Heubach, Germany. The company, later in 1977 decided to locate its headquarters in Bad Zurzach, Switzerland. Triumph International has now branches in more than 45 countries alongside Sloggi.

Sloggi is all about knickers and bras to change. It lets you get a little touch of underwear heaven alongside Sloggi’s unparalleled approach to fit and exceptional comfort. Say goodbye to irritating straps, red marks, and visible panty-lines. Get your hands on super satisfying, super fine, and super soft Sloggi’s collection that will truly change the way you feel about underwear.

True Comfort

Very much like other countries, Sloggi in Australia lets you discover gorgeous and innovative bodywear for both men and women. Their huge assortment of items makes you challenge everything you think you know about comfort. Sloggi is more than just “not uncomfortable.”

Sloggi knows very well what is actually uncomfortable, especially for girls. So, Sloggi is making girls worldwide so comfortable but cannot be so wrong for men too. The company offers 360-degree stretch fabrics – giving men unbelievable freedom of movement, whilst the waistband (soft and comfortable) and rounded brief front give men added comfort.

Exceptional comfort is indeed a superpower. Magical energy that makes you feel amazing every moment of the day. Regardless of what you want to do, irrespective of what happens – you can overcome it if you are confident and comfortable. They are so excited about having crazy supportive bodywear because Sloggi thinks this is a rather good thing to do.

Sloggi for Women

Sleek yet subtle designs that make a statement without having to cry: experience the smooth geometrical lace of the seamless S styles in an oh-so silky and soft-touch S with Sloggi Material. Whichever one you choose, all the S series with Sloggi charm you with a special combination of elegant style and comfort.

Sloggi for Men

Their three series, Sublime, Sophistication and Simplicity, offers superb workmanship and superb comfort. Made of premium soft, smooth and snug materials that remain stylish simultaneously.

Sloggi wants its users to feel comfortable and feel good all day long. Not only look good but have fun doing it. That’s the major reason why Sloggi’s “Granny Pant” is one of the company’s headline acts. After all, who is more trustworthy and gives you a better feeling than Granny. Sloggi has High-rise, and full coverage underwear to make you feel good.

Sloggi Products

Comfort, of course, and satisfaction both are the first and foremost priority of Sloggi in Australia. Hence, Sloggi strives to provide Aussies with the highest quality underwear and bras at unmatched rates. By their exceptional comfort and quality products, Sloggi has maintained the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Some of Sloggi’s best products are as follow:

Sloggi Women

Sloggi Men

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