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The company promises to provide makeup finishing sprays that work perfectly so that you need to be worried any further about the loss of colour, caking, sliding, melting, excess shining, blush, foundation, fading eye shadow or more. They have been providing Aussies with hypoallergenic sprays that are used on your makeup brush or sponge in a micro-fine nebula. Approx. 95% of women believe that products provided at Skindinavia Store in Australia can last up to 16 hours without any issue.

All Skindinavia’s award-winning silicon-free makeup primer sprays, as well as makeup finishing sprays, are being used in a wide number of movies set to hold makeup for a long time – especially under hot lights so that the actors won’t need to give touches and control excess shine. Interestingly, Skindinavia’s provides are still used in Hollywood and different other places. All their sprays keep makeup from melting and sliding in the summer season and drying out in the winter season.

Product Categories

  • Makeup Primer Sprays
  • Makeup Setting Sprays
  • Makeup Remover Sprays
  • Makeup Artist Kits


You can get an advantage of Skindinavia Sale to get your hands on the products you need without having to make your wallet cry. They have a wide variety of products with the highest quality requirements at their official online store. Some of the best products are as follow:

  • The Makeup Primer Spray

Smooth canvases for impeccable Longwear make-out applications are created by this lightweight, silicone-free first brist. This proprietary water-based formula greatly eliminates pores thus providing a beautifully lightweight and respiratory surface for makeup application. When you use this Skindinavia primary spray, smooth silky skin is an understatement.

  • The Makeup Primer Spray - Oil Control

Bridge this lightweight, Acne combat, olive oil primer with your pore-clogging silicone primers and spray. Here's the perfect match towel to wear your ticket for blemish-free skin. The perfect sprayable water base for oily skin to stay exposed! This paraben-free recipe balances the skin and minimizes pores while tackling creativity and weak oil production all day long.

  • The Makeup Setting Spray

This Make-up Finishing Spray is the maker and innovator of the finishing spray. A light and breathable fine bristle to make up liquid and powder, which can be held in place for more than 16 hours! This is clinically-proven finishing spray! This maquillage spray has the ultimate extreme long-wear package and holds the proprietary slow-release encapsulation which promises an unprejudiced finished appearance.

  • The Makeup Setting Spray - Oil Control

This finishing oil control spray gives you a soft matt look and perfectly keeps maquillage. This fine-mist anti-budge spray leaves the makeup fresh for around 16 hours. The Make-up Finishing Spray is the strongest hand-down fiber modification spray. The patented formula keeps your maquillage cool and clear of glory while consuming excess oil that prevents maquillage from being pores.

  • The Makeup Setting Spray - Bridal

This ultra-fine dung spray has the proprietary technology to avoid the excess moisture effect and keep the make-up flawless all night and day. This award-winning spray for 16 + hours on your big day is sweating-proof, cry-resistant and kiss-resistant! In reality, this sweat-proof, cry-proof, kiss-resistant, prize-winning make-up spray is also engineered to resist the effects of excess moisture, whether your wedding day, prom, runway, movie set or just a beach day. Your fantastic day deserves flawless makeup during the day and into the night.

  • Prep and Set Kit

It is the ideal set to prepare and build a faultless maquillage experience. This Makeup Primer Spray provides a smooth and silky application and up to 16 hours are sprayed with World # 1 Makeup Finishing Spray. This proprietary water-based formula greatly eliminates pores thus providing a beautifully lightweight and respiratory surface for makeup application. When you use Skindinavia primer spray, Silky smooth skin is an understatement.

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