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Simon’s Cat Australia is a charming, adorable, cute, and a bit naughty that lives with Simon (The Owner of Cat). The first time, Simon’s cat Australia appeared on the internet in an organization named as CAT MAN DO, which was animated and illustrated by Simon’s Tofield himself. Then to Now, Simon’s Cat is a favourite of every person which appeared in Games, Comics, and Books.

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Simon Tofield – The Cat’s Story

Simon Tofield has two passions. The first is born as a child when receiving his first cat. And the second is his love for drawing. The combination of both took this animator to the top.

A British national, he studied animation at the University of De Montfort (United Kingdom). In 2007 while trying to teach himself how to use Adobe Flash, one of his four cats - little Hugh - went up to the desk where he worked to ask for food. Tofield lit up. He thought about making a story to better learn how to use this software. He drew himself on his bed while his cat tried to wake him up, the first sketches of the chapter "Cat Man Do".

The episode was within his reel of animation on the web. A user realized that this piece existed, and decided to upload it to YouTube. Thus begins the success as an animator of Tofield, "Cat Man Do" has been seen more than 50 million times, which allowed the Simon's Cat series to be born.

For Simon Tofield, his four cats have been the constant inspiration for the stories he has created. They are Hugh - his primary lighting -, Maisy, Jess and Teddy. He observes them all the time, developing an expert eye on Angelinos. Know their movements, attitudes and dynamics, and the cat lovers that circulate in the network have felt identified with Simon's Cat.

The series adheres to the social phenomenon that is being generated on the internet with pet videos, which each day add reproductions. His YouTube channel has 58 videos (39 episodes of the series),with more than 3 million subscribers and over 500 million views.

This white cat is animated with Adobe Flash, frame to frame, which takes seven to nine weeks to complete a two-minute chapter. His fans have made him the winner of multiple awards, and he has published four Simon's Cat books, creating a world of merchandising.

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