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Silver Jeans Men's Zac Relaxed...

$ 117.74

Go Wide Crop

$ 85.00

Most Wanted Skinny

$ 85.00

Girlfriend SuperStretch Skinny

$ 105.00

Bleeker Classic Jegging

$ 75.99

SlipOn Denim Legging

$ 68.99

Girlfriend MidRise Jeans

$ 95.00

Suki SlimBoot Jeans

$ 105.00

OrganicCotton Henley Shirt

$ 30.50

Collin Hybrid Shorts

$ 54.00

Suki Jeggings

$ 74.00

Berkley Straight Leg

$ 88.00

Avery UltraCurvy Straight

$ 95.00

Sam DropHem Boyfriend

$ 95.00

Izzy Ankle Skinny

$ 95.00

SlimBoot Elyse Jeans

$ 95.00

Dressy Flare Jeans

$ 58.80

Crop Skinny Jeans

$ 75.00

Aiko DarkWash Skinny

$ 104.00

Robson HighRise Skinny

$ 85.00

HighNote HighRise Skinny

$ 85.00

Calley HighRise SkinnyJean

$ 75.00

Red Toni Shorts

$ 74.00

Not YourBoyfriends Jeans

$ 95.00

AverySlim HighRise Jeans

$ 85.00

Suki Bootcut Jeans

$ 91.00

A denim company named Silver Jeans Co in Australia and other countries is a well-recognised and highly admirable name since its launch back in 1991. The company was founded by Michael Silver which produces not only jeans for men and women but also outerwear and T-shirts. They are also producing and owning Jag Jeans that can easily be bought from all parts of the world including Australia and New Zealand.

Since their inception, Silver Jeans Co has expanded its collection significantly and added a variety of products for everybody whether he/she is having a straight, curvy, tall, slim, or short body. The jeans available at their official Silver Jeans Co Store are made from premium quality textiles, strengthened stitching methods, rivets and buttons with unprecedented strength and with a focus on experience and unparalleled attention to detail.

Their jeans are made of honesty, sincerity and above all, sustainable growth. Whilst some of you will end up in a dump – but for years to come, jeans of Silver Jeans Co will stay in your drawer and get even better at ages like some of the best.

Moreover, Silver Jeans Co has maintained the highest quality standards in every single product and their 24 hours availability ensures that its customers can purchase any product anytime without any hassle. They have flexible shipping options throughout the world and their return and exchange policies are quite handy.


The first and foremost choice of Silver Jeans Co is to please its customers and ensure that all products have been manufactured with extra care to last for the years to come. In addition, you can also shop from Silver Jeans Co Sale to get your desired product at the lowest possible price. Some of the best products are as follow:

Zac is just below the tail and has a relaxed fit through the hip and thick for the guy who wants to be confident and look fine. The pair is made with the go-to-comfort denim, which has the right length for everyday wear. Washed in the shadow of deep indigo.

The ultimate curved jean, designed to enhance its coverage and form with a slightly higher rise. Avery is specifically developed with a wider back and a longer torso for extra curvy figures. The everyday high elevation is slightly higher but has a classic look and the outline of the waistband avoids a splash and makes it easier to shape and carry. Each pair has a deep indigo wash done.

Craig lies on the hip and has an extra space on the saddle. It's designed for a relaxed feeling with just a little stretch. Each pair is painted with a shade of deep indigo and has natural patterns of whiskers. Finished with a tired bootcut leg and the signature on the back of pockets.

Fit for larger buildings, the Gordie is sitting on the hip and thigh in an extra loose space. Each pair is made with a comfort expanding denim, the perfect length for daily wear. Washed to a medium-light shade with sand and blueberry patterns in the side, then finished on the back pockets by a traditional straightened leg and scrolls.

You are going to love Craig if you want a great fit bootcut. This is on the waist and has an additional space in the saddle to give you extra comfort. This pair is designed with utmost versatility and agility in performance for guys who are always on the go. Finished with the s-scrolls on the back pockets and a medium-dark indigo washout.

This leg-long high-rise design is made of a streamlined, elegant and rectangular shape that works for a variety of different kinds of body. This is slender and contemporary across the hip and thigh of the tails and has a minimally curved tail that flatters the natural form. This pair has an incredibly flexible black wash, a perfect ride to your everyday indigo.

Elyse is designed to make a more comfortable version of the signature curvy fit with a smooth waistband that prevents gaping and muffins. It is designed specifically for curved forms, that are thicker and more complete across the middle and rear end, with a comfortable midrise every day with a perfect front-to-back proportion and additional room through the hippes and thighs. Finished with a large stitch on the back of pockets and light indigo washes.

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