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Silicon Power Australia strives to strengthen its brand image and develop products of superior quality. The products Silicon-Power Australia makes are not just digital storage devices, but a collection of your valuable and countless memories. Following the same philosophy and Motive, the brand named the slogan “Memory is Personal” and then kept on producing the best Storage Devices in the world.

Silicon Power Computer & Communication founded in 2003 in Taiwan, started developing the products of supreme quality such as USB, Flash Drives (SSD, HDD),Batteries, DRAM and many other computer electronics products.

Silicon Power – History and Overview

Silicon Power SP was founded in February 2003. It is committed to operating its own brand and actively exploring the global market. In just a few years, it has become a memory card, flash drive, external hard drive, SSD solid-state drive and memory of the world's leading manufacturers of the module and industrial memory products. For Silicon-Power, they not only provide digital storage devices but also hope to save everyone's exclusive memory and realise the brand spirit of "unique memory".

Started its journey from Taipei, Silicon Power expanded its headquarters worldwide in Japan, USA, and in Netherland. Serving their quality products in more than 100 countries by having a global distribution channel system and service centre all across the globe, Silicon Power is a leading manufacturing company for Memory Storage.

Brand’s General Information

Achievement & Mile Stones

2003 – 2008

Started its journey in 2003, the very next year Silicon Power built the assembly line while winning DG product Award for Luxmini310 in 2005. With this success, the brand established the office in Holland in the same year.

Winning Taiwan Rising Star Award and Implemented lead-free production (RoHS) at the same year t SP expanded their roots by opening an office in Japan in 2006. SP manufactured the DRAM modules that were approved by Integrator System in 2007, the brand compliance with GCC standards same year.

2009 – 2011

A great journey of success started in 2009 when the brand won Taiwan excellence award for its Touch 820 product and Computex D & I Awards for same Touch h820 product they were ranked at the top of Sales ranking by Japanese BCN. Without any doubt, it’s the boost the brand really needed for its growth, and with that, in 2009 they got certified with ISO9001 certification.

In 2010 another award came to Silicon-power’s drawer, M10 SSD and Touch 820 won the Taiwan Excellence award in 2010. Approved by ISO14001 certification, the brand expanded it’s global reach and established the office in Russia.

With such successive approach, the brand ranked at 1st position in the semiconductor industry in revenue growth and at 11th Spot among 1000 manufacturing companies worldwide in 2009. The very next year SP presented the new image and logo for the brand as well.

In 2011, the brand marked its name in the US and established the brand in the United States alongside launched the new plant in Taiwan. Although, winning awards years after years was not a big deal for the brand as Silicon Power Australia won Taiwan Excellence Award for its Touch850, Touch830, Unique530, and Armor A80 products.

2012 – 2015

The year 2012 brings more success to the brand by winning Computex d & I Awards for Touch T02, Taiwan Excellence Award for Stream S20 and Armor A15. In 2012, the brand ranked at 35th position in Top Taiwan Global Brand while quoted on the stock market in Taiwan.

2013 was a big year for Silicon Power bringing several awards under the brand name winning China Red Star Design Award, National Invention and Creation Award, Taiwan Excellence Award, Golden Pin Award, Red Dot Award, and Industrial Design award.

DOL (Taipei City Government Department of Labour) declared SP as one of the best Companies in 2013 while Credit Information Service China ranked Silicon-power at 12th Position for Computer and peripheral Equipment Manufacturers organisation.

National Invention and Creation, Red Dot, IF Design, Good Design, Golden Pin, Excellence, Red Star Design, Computex D & I Award all of them falls into the brand’s tornado of success in 2014. Manufacturing the quality products with innovative designs led Silicon Power Australia winning more awards as ten products received the Taiwan Excellence award in 2015. Years after years, the brand continues to mark its label all around the world by winning awards. SP won IF Design, Golden Pin Design, and Computex D & I Awards in 2015.

2016 – 2019

Leading the market worldwide, the brand was honoured with a German Design, and IF Design award in 2016 and consecutively winning Taiwan Excellence award for eight years. SP won the Diamond Award for the best provider of Flash and Storage memory in 2016 none of the brandable to beat Silicon-power.

In 2017, SP won the DISTREE Diamond Award for being the best Storage Vendor in 2017 alongside winning Taiwan, IF Design, Golden Pin, and China Red Design Star Award.  The same repeated in 2018 and 2019 with an addition to the DISTREE Diamond Award for EMEA Storage 2019 these are the Milestones and Achievements the brand continue to collect throughout its journey.

A step towards better Society

No doubt Silicon Power strives to produce quality products but other than that the brand also helps in building a better environment and society. Focusing on its social responsibilities as well, Silicon Power acquired the ISO14001, ISO9001, PFOS, and Green Dot certification for producing the Environmental friendly products.

Manufacturing the quality products with more advanced and improved technology and high-build quality design and excellence, Silicon Power won several awards for its product designs, some of which are the following:

Despite being a top-rated manufacturing company with several awards, Silicon Power Australia looks for further advancement in technology and design for the optimal performance and Storage.

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Today the Brand expanded its services in all over the globe offering its Quality Products with Optimal Performance in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe, and Pacific Asia.

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