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Silca Australia is an iconic brand offering the best pumps, tools, frames, saddles, apparels, tools, and other cycling accessories for more than 100 years. Silca, the Italian brand is leading in the cycling world for a century and manufacturing the high-performance & durable Tools, Bar Tapes, Bottle Cages, and other accessories for the sportsperson.

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Brand overview

The brand came into existence back in 1917 in Milan, Italy. Founded by Felice Sacchi, the brand proliferated because of its high-quality Frame pumps, which was also the first product manufactured by the brand. Silca was the first company in the Cycling market to manufacture gauges on pumps and to manufacture the high-pressure pumps.

Later on, with brand’s products success, it continues to expand its products range while developing durable products with innovation. Those 1960’s & 70’s products are still in use which shows the durability of this brand.

Silca declared as the oldest company in the Cycling accessories world that still owns by the same family. In 2013, Claudio Sacchi (the grandson of the Felice) sold the company to Joshua Poertner who was the technical director at Zipp speed Weaponry for 14 years. Joshua was a fan of Silca since he bought the Silca pump in 1990.

Claudio lost his battle against cancer after selling the company to Joshua that rebuild the iconic brand with more dedication and passion. In 2014, the company’s headquarter moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where the brand rebuilt the reputation again, and now it’s the most iconic brand in the market.

Silca Products

Every product manufactures by the brand is of superior quality while every single component designed for having durability, longevity, functionality, and long-lasting performance. The brand is more than 100 years old and is offering the products of the highest standards.

Speed Capsule TT

Born looking to the world of triathlon but also perfect for another cycling discipline, the Speed Capsule TT of Silca is a small bag with an unusually shaped aerodynamic but especially highly waterproof.

The material with which it is made is a sturdy nylon fabric and the unique YKK AquaGuard zipper with which it is equipped. The Zipper allows its to use even on rainy days or in the most extreme conditions. Thanks to its perfect waterproofness, the bag can also be hooked below the down tube, for example in the prepared gravel bikes, without being afraid that the contents inside may get wet or ruined.

In the original use, however, thanks to its particularly aerodynamic shape, the Speed Capsule TT guarantees minimum air resistance. For maximum visibility, even in the darkest hours of the day, the bag is also enriched by two reflective diagonal bands, made of 3M fabric.

Silca kit

The T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Silca kit is composed of a ratchet wrench reversible, two extensions in steel and a torque wrench of titanium, from 2 to 8 Nm equipped with a scale and thus can be used for practically all the tightenings of our two wheels.

Inside the practical and resistant case (which you see in the opening photo), also equipped with a convenient document/money pocket, there is still room for a series of hexagonal steel inserts (sizes 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm), 3 Torx (in sizes 10, 20 and 25) and an American PH2 screwdriver.

All the pieces are magnetic and interchangeable with each other, and the levers are finished with small rubber rings to increase the grip on the instruments themselves. The case is instead treated to resist dirt and water and equipped with a convenient magnetic closure.

Small and comfortable tools can be used both inside your workshop for everyday adjustments. Perhaps selecting the ones you use most, especially if you have planned long or adventurous trips, thanks also to their minimal weight and size.

VIAGGIO – Bluetooth pump by Silca

Like all Silca floor pumps, VIAGGIO is designed and built to last over time. It uses a piston made entirely of shockproof metal but is above all equipped with a 1% accurate Bluetooth pressure gauge, all enclosed in a waxed cloth case stitched to hand to keep all the essential elements of your trip in one place.

The sensor transmits the tire pressure data to the Silca iGauge smartphone app; this innovative and successful technology, used for the first time in the TATTICO Bluetooth mini pump, has been introduced once again in VIAGGIO thanks to its proven performance advantages.

Not only this, the system has an accuracy of +/- 0.5 PSI and is also extremely reliable, durable and easy to read. The system is powered by a standard 2032mAh battery which provides approximately 100 hours of actual use.

Maratona Gear Bag

Comfortable, capacious, washable and above all very, very resistant. Let’s talk about the Maratona Gear Bag, Silca’s bag/backpack which, thanks to its many compartments and dedicated spaces considered as one of the ideal choices for every cyclist or sportsperson in general.

With dimensions ideally within the “cabin” standard of all airlines (55cm x 35cm x 22cm), the bag is made of durable 600D nylon, washable and equipped with water-resistant YKK zippers.

Three handles, all padded on both the long and short sides, in addition to the two shoulder straps, kept inside a pocket on the back and easily removable and used to carry the bag.

Inside, the Marathon Gear Bag is instead equipped with a comfortable mesh compartment for small items, three elastic bands for water bottles and two large pockets, always equipped with a net, on the closure panel.

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