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Bringing Innovation in the field is always the key to success, and that’s what Sidchrome Australia did with the products developed to introduce the new technology in the market. Not only technique, but Sidchrome also focuses on the quality of product to increase the efficiency, built quality for maximising the safety and ultimate performance to save time, effort, and money.

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Sidchrome Australia is a masterpiece brand for tool and storage market in Australia and New Zealand. Sidchrome kept his reputation maintained by developing high-quality and high-standard products since its existence.

It is built for a Lifetime, a tagline that perfectly fits on SIdchrome products because they are manufactured the tools with standard and quality that live for a long time.

Sidchrome Australia offers the best Tools, Tools Storage, and Custom Kits, spanners, automotive tools and accessories in the Australian industry market.

SidChrome – Overview

Since the 1940s, Sidchrome has been an Australian icon that produces the highest quality, durability and precision tools. Sidchrome has built its reputation by providing high-quality mechanical products that last a lifetime and have a lifetime guarantee against labour and material defects.

As a member of the Stanley Global Group (acquired in 1990), Sidchrome continues to be an innovator and supplier of cutting-edge products. With the support of Stanley's advanced engineers, designers and factories, Sidchrome are equipped to meet the specific requirements of 21st-century manual mechanics, whether in an industrial or automotive environment.

Started its journey by the vision of becoming the leader in the production of heavy hand tools, Sidchrome is an Australian-based company known for the quality and durability of its products. Sidchrome produces a range of solutions for individual and professional use, consistently setting industry standards.

As one of Sidchrome's largest distributors of tools and equipment, the Paylessdeal allows you to find virtually everything you need for your next home renovation or construction project. Our extensive catalogue currently includes a range of Sidchrome Australia tools such as keys, keys, hammers, screwdrivers, ratchets, chisels and punches, which guarantee safe and efficient use.

SidChrome – Safety Always

For SidChrome Australia, Safety is the first priority, and it’s the main reason why the brand is committed to manufacturing quality products. The brand focuses on the engineer's safety for which it has achieved many milestones. In 2015, they increased the financial by 19% and doubled their financial support from six years ago in 2015 with the help of employees, contributing 30% to charities all over the globe.

The brand built houses for more than 50 families, assisted 200,000 volunteers, with more than $6 millions in lend tools value for housing and rebuilding. STEM abbreviated as (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and vocational programming like seminars provided to more than 300,000 students around the world.

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Whatever your real needs are, Sidchrome tools will meet all your expectations. Available at our online store at affordable prices, they will no doubt become a valuable asset of your workshop. We offer a versatile range of Tool Kits & Tool Storage, Sockets & Accessories, Spanners & Wrenches, Striking & Prying, Fastening, Pilers & Cutting, Measuring & Torque Control, Air & Cordless tools, Impact Sockets, Electrical & diagnostics, and Automative & specialty. Feel free to Buy Sidchrome Products Online at our store and enjoy the excellent built quality.