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The Shubb Capo uses a lever-over-locking action. The mechanism consists of a tightening torch to change the lock, which “is a turning point in modern capo mechanism.” In a selection of models, Shubb capos for the various guitars, banjos, dobro, and ukuleles are available.

The Shubb Capos for Nylon String are, for example, built for the guitar with widespread, flat fretboards, etc. which suit the most acoustic and electric guitars. Furthermore, the original Capo Noir and Deluxe stainless steels with enhanced lever rollers are available in different types.


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  • Shubb Deluxe Capo
  • Standard Shubb Capo
  • Capo Noir
  • Original Shubb Capo
  • Shubb Lite Capo
  • Partial Capos
  • Ukulele Capo
  • FineTune Capo
  • Fifth String Capo for Banjo
  • Capo for Dobro
  • Shubb-Pearse Steels
  • Robert Randolph Steels
  • Axys Reversible Guitar Slide
  • Talon Guitar Stand & more

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